Road to Gillman

First, a stop at this coffeeshop for morning breakfast. Wanton noodles, half boiled eggs, coffee.

depot-road.jpgAlong busy Alexandra Road and Depot Road, there lies a few buildings which originated during the colonial days which still stands today. Formerly occupied by the army known as Gillman Camp, it has now seen some new life that houses furniture shops and eateries known as Gillman Village.

gate.jpgAn old rusted gate that leads into Gillman Village.

carpark.jpgOpen space car park. Perhaps this place witness numerous occasions of muster parade, footdrills, push ups, and the yelling of the Encik.

villa.jpgOnce known to be the Officer’s Mess and HQ, it has now become Villa Frangipani.

bali.jpgA landscaping company’s artwork of a Bali styled entrance.

bridge-2.jpg bridge1.jpg
“A Bridge Too Far”

two-storeys.jpg“Stop at 2” – two storeys that is.

corugated.jpgCorrugated zinc roofs.


psa.jpgA view of Singapore’s maritime and port authority building.


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