SR-71 "Blackbird"


SR-71 Specifications and Performance
The SR-71 was designed and built by the Lockheed Skunk Works, now the Lockheed Martin Skunk Works. SR-71s are powered by two Pratt and Whitney J-58 axial-flow turbojets with afterburners, each producing 32,500 pounds of thrust. Studies have shown that less than 20 percent of the total thrust used to fly at Mach 3 is produced by the basic engine itself. The balance of the total thrust is produced by the unique design of the engine inlet and “moveable spike” system at the front of the engine nacelles and by the ejector nozzles at the exhaust which burn air compressed in the engine bypass system.

Speed of aircraft : Mach 3.2 — more than 2000 miles per hour (3218.68 kilometers per hour).

Unrefueled range : Of more than 2000 miles (3218.68 kilometers)

Altitude : Of over 85,000 feet (25908 meters).

Read more of SR-71 “Blackbird or view its Take Off

Images & Contents Credit : NASA


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