Singapore National Museum

Visiting the National Museum since its recent renovation brings back fond memories of my school days. Much of the landscape along Stamford Road that once housed the red-bricked building of the National Library, hawker centre next to the library, MPH Bookstore, old YMCA and the sarabat stalls along Waterloo Street and SJI school field, had changed so much that I had to orientate myself to recall what the place was like decades ago.

Directions to the museum.

A bit of history.


In all her splendour and grandeur.


The dome as seen from inside of the museum.

Window to the past.

Modern mixed with the old.

A quiet place to chill out.

Unmistakable designs of the museum windows and walls.

Modern artistic works on display.

mph.jpgMPH Bookstore (known as Malayan Publishing House) was formerly located where the red and white brick building seen in this photo at the far end on the right. On the right of the photo where the big tree is seen, it was formerly where the National Library used to be. The two red brick pillars on the left near the foreground is actually the gate entrance leading to the National Library. The building on the far end on the left of the photo was actually part of SJI school field which is now the SMU. Stamford Road was a road running in front of MPH Bookstore to the gate entrance towards the left going towards Penang Road. The route of Stamford Road has undergone some changes which now runs behind the SMU building.

A photograph of the entrance to the former National Library where the two red brick pillars still stand today.

Stamford Road….named after Sir Stamford Raffles.

Rendevous Hotel. The Rendevous Restaurant still serves mouth-watering nasi padang. Dad use to drive me in the old Renault just off the main entrance of the restaurant to `tar-pau’. Passing through the cowboy swing doors of the restaurant entrance, patrons sat in old tables and chairs eating their hearts out.

Read on for more information about the National Museum of Singapore


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