Superjumbo A380

Some interesting articles about the A380.

1. Specifications from

2. Maiden S’pore Airlines A380 commercial flight takes off for Sydney; vodcast from The Straits Times.

3. Airbus Superjumbo takes off for first commercial flight from Channel News Asia.

4. Photo essay of the A380


2 Responses to “Superjumbo A380”

  1. aviavip in Russian Says:

    Good afternoon
    Excuse for my English
    Will allow, sometimes, to use your texts about Very Important Person Indeedof aircraft, for translation on Russian?

  2. ordinary guy Says:

    Hi Aviavip, nice to know that my bog is shared and appreciated all the way to Russia. Do share with us a bit more of Russia or about the town/village you live in. Yes you may make use of my post on the A380 for use so long it is used for an educational purpose. Do drop by our coffeeshop blog and have a cuppa the next time round. Cheerio

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