42.195 Km

The MARATHON!! Like all endurance races, the marathon is another gruelling event that pushes you to your limits beyond your imagination. Elite runners take it in their stride just like another run in the park. Achieving better PB (Personal Best) timings is topmost in their minds. For the average runner, completing the distance, after all the months of preparation, is the only goal you hope to acheive on marathon day. The marathon in Singapore has developed over the years with better logistics, media exposure, increase in participation and the prize money. The olympic distance of the marathon sanctioned by the IAAF covers 42.195km. There are also shorter distances to encourage mass participation like the quarter marathon, half marathon and even the Kids Dash (700 metres). The annual race event is aim to promote a healthy living lifestyle among Singaporeans.

paula2.jpgpaula3.jpgpaula1.jpgOn world news, British woman world-record holder, Paula Radcliffe aged 33, came in triumphant after completing the New York City Marathon in 2:33:09 held on Sunday 4th Nov 2007, just 10 months after the birth of her daughter.

A bad day for Paula and some of us too. Pick yourself up and continue the journey.
Paula hitting the “wall” at the 36km mark in the Olympics

The Singapore Standchart Marathon scheduled on the morning of Sunday 2nd Dec 2007 will be a day for many runners to look forward to. The early morning or late night training runs, depending on your work schedule, the hours spent pounding the pavement when everyone is asleep, sometimes makes you wonder why are you running the marathon. You will only find the answers deep within yourself when you run a marathon. For those who will be participating in this annual race event, the advise often given are: eat well, sleep well, hydrate well. Keep your own pace and finish the race. See you at the flag off this Dec 2007!!

Wikipedia on “Marathon”
Radcliffe returns in triumph in New York City marathon from Channel News Asia

Check out your marathon photos at Marathon Photos


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