Toilet Break Escape

We are into Day 3 of the islandwide manhunt for escaped JI leader, Mas Selamat Kastari, from the Whitley Road Detention Centre and still no sign of his whereabouts. Here’s the story from The Straits Times on the Toilet Break Escape. View the various posts and comments made in the ST Discussion Board.


One Response to “Toilet Break Escape”

  1. MSP NPI Beck Says:

    Gahmen better ensure the new resident is tag properly and if needed place under max security or at least minmise the visitors allowed to visit the latest J team member now detained by ISD.

    Gahmen must not shower too much motherly love thinking he/she will U turn back for the better with more concuselling or talks. Max caution still neeed so that we will not have another Jamban break hero again.

    Also, allow the detainee to wear civilian to meet vistors must be reviewed as the DB uniform should be wear at all time so easy detectable if one walk out by the vistitor room and thru the gd hse undetected as he/she in civilian may not raise a alarm. If one wear DB uniform and walk out, it is easy detectable.

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