The “Great Singapore Search”

We are, but a little tiny red dot in the vast global village. Though tiny, we are pretty big and great in certain areas…Youth Olympic Games 2010, F1 Grand Prix, Marathon Races, IR Casino. Even in the area of lesiure pastime, Singaporeans are fond of the “Great Singapore Sale”. First to queue up before the stores are open so as to be the first to grab the best deals.

Another monumental task now lies ahead of us…The “GREAT SINGAPORE SEARCH” for fugitive JI leader Mas Selamat Kastari. From alleyways to Shenton Way, jamban to jungle, Keong Siak Road to kelongs…he may have assumed several disguises. Here are some which you can take note of. Public safety is paramount. Flushing him down…oops…I mean flushing him out tops the list in our “Great Singapore Search”.


Let’s nab him quickly before he becomes a pain in the butt everytime we are reminded of his escape whenever we go for a “toilet break”.


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