What’s Mas Selamat wearing

The Police released pictures of Mas Selamat’s attire which was what he may have been wearing during his escape from the Whitley Detention Centre last Wednesday. By now he could have discarded these easily identifiable attire and possibly changed into a greenish grey baju kurong he had in his possession after the authorities accounted for his personal belongings. Keep a look out if you happen to notice any of these discarded attire or perhaps a man in greenish grey baju kurong.


3 Responses to “What’s Mas Selamat wearing”

  1. Darth Salacious Says:

    I saw this picture being flashed on the news last night as well.

    The colour of the pants would match the description of the petrol station guy who saw him, describing him as wearing “brown pants with the letters ‘WRC’.”

    Hopefully this would mean that he’s still in Singapore. I hope he gets nabbed soon, seriously.

    He’s caused too much inconvenience with the beefed up security checks at all our customs checkpoints.

  2. MSP NPI Beck Says:

    Don understand why some ppl think mas is great do diasppearing act a la D. Copperfield…..

    Likeminded like him and his J team (former member and current /new) are coward looking for cheap thrill. For this who successful do the bombing that injured/kill mostly if not all innocent ppl, they get so Hi and won so many supportors?

    If Mas is so good and has ‘divine’ help as some claimed, why don he harmed those his team and likeminded followers think are the culpit for thier hatred? He can appeared himself in front of them and harm and disappeared (since he got divine sprit?)….

    Also, Like Mr O ( The worldwide Chief)…he may not be caught doen`t mean he got supernatural help…..He is really did, who Mr B (his no 1 enemy) still there??? Cant he use his supernatural power to harm Mr B and gang??

    Why harm countless after countless of innocent ppl esp tourists and residents of thier target? By doing senseless harming innocents u achieved nothing. No religion or God will accept these….

    We have treat Mas so well. Provide him a place to grow up and education (he was a mechanic)…..and even after he plotting a plan to harm the peacefullness of this Garden City, we did not do any harm to him during his DB. Food and lodging fully taken care. Stay in prime district some more (surronded by Good school and landed properties)…..

    But he chose to leave this cosy and safe place to venture a unknown /risky/dangerous world outside….


  3. MSP NPI Beck Says:

    Gahmen better ensure the new resident is tag properly and if needed place under max security or at least minmise the visitors allowed to visit the latest J team member now detained by ISD.

    Gahmen must not shower too much motherly love thinking he/she will U turn back for the better with more concuselling or talks. Max caution still neeed so that we will not have another Jamban break hero again.

    Also, allow the detainee to wear civilian to meet vistors must be reviewed as the DB uniform should be wear at all time so easy detectable if one walk out by the vistitor room and thru the gd hse undetected as he/she in civilian may not raise a alarm. If one wear DB uniform and walk out, it is easy detectable.

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