I can’t see!!…What to see!!

Last Saturday evening, we went to T3 at Changi Airport to check out the place. It was a spanking new Budget Terminal. I could not really say for sure if T3 really looks like a Budget Terminal. All the features you see at T3 looks like that in T2 and T1 except, from my viewpoint…the Viewing Gallery.

photo-0004.jpg Terminal 3 @ Changi Airport

photo-0001.jpg Check-in at T3

photo-0003.jpg Viewing Gallery @ T3

photo-0006.jpg Disabled friendly parking lots.

“I can’t see”, “So dark how to see”, “Nothing to see what”. These are some of the exclamations made by visitors at the Viewing Gallery. Unlike T1 and T2, T3’s Viewing Gallery is not really located at the edge of the building structure. There is another panel at the edge of the structure. So it’s like trying to peer two sets of panel before you can try to make out what’s really outside. The bright lights and glass panel reflections didn’t make it any easier to have a good view. Perhaps maybe there could be a clearer view in the daytime.


One Response to “I can’t see!!…What to see!!”

  1. kriscell Says:

    During the day time the view it quite ok but still abit blurish due to the panels. But on the whole will say T3 is rather interesting in term of design. 🙂

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