“Prince” Naseem Hamed vs Marco Antonio Barrera

I was watching the programme, “The Contender Asia” yesterday evening and can’t help but to recall a boxing match that took place in 2001 that kept me at the edge of my seat. It was a boxing match for the IBO (International Boxing Organisation) Featherweight title held by Naseem Hamed who called himself the “Prince” against his challenger, Marco Antonio Barrera.

“Prince” Naseem has a flashy and arrogant style of boxing. Full of antics to taunt his opponent and frequent colourful ring entrances. He adopts an unorthodox southpaw stance and his favourite combination of two right jabs followed by an explosive straight left (hook or uppercut) usually knocks out the strongest challenger.

However on 7th April 2001, the 12-round title fight at the MGM Grand Casino in Las Vegas was a match that dethroned “Prince” Naseem. Barrera kept his distance and selectively threw punches that connected which sent Naseem detracted from his planned strategy. Naseem’s record at the time was 35-0 and his opponent, Barrera had a record of 52-3. The bout was delayed a full hour due to Naseem’s elaborate entrance which involved fireworks, loud music, spectacular lighting, and conveyance to the ring on a motorised seat suspended from a catwalk.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

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2 Responses to ““Prince” Naseem Hamed vs Marco Antonio Barrera”

  1. Rude Says:

    As a long time fan of boxing this fight stands out as one of my favorite of all time. This was a case of a boxing skill, Barrera, thoroughly overwhelming an undisciplined fighter, Hamed; and not taking any of Hamed’s shit in the process.

  2. Farid Ahmed Says:



    This petition has been created to address the negligence of EA sports regarding it’s decision to keep some of the best Arab/Middle Eastern/Muslim boxers from fight night round 4. Prince Naseem Hamed, one of Britain’s greatest boxers and one of the greatest feather weights of all time with a win record of 36 wins and 1 loss is no were to be seen in ANY of the fight night games including fight night round 4. Amir Khan, also one of Britian’s greatest who is also a Muslim is not a part of fight night round 4. This is the man that just recently crushed Marco Antonio Barrera and yet another Muslim fighter who is no where to be seen in fight night round 4. Also no where to be seen is Sultan Ibragimov a WBO heavyweight champion, with 22 wins and 1 loss.

    As a boxer myself training at Scalens boxing kickboxing gym in Northeast Philadelphia, I have found a family of people of different colors and faiths. I see no reason for the absence of these great fighters and feel that EA’s decision to leave them absent in the fight night game series is due to racial bigotry and ignorance regarding fighters based solely on their faith as Muslims.

    EA’s must show the Muslim world that a man’s talent are what place him in their series of boxing games, not their color or religion. Muhammad Ali is not the only Muslim fighter in the world and Naseem, Khan, and Sultan should be given a fair chance at becoming part of this game.

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