$3.40 for a 14 year old virgin

Bidding starts at $3.40 for a 14 year old virgin. The highest bidder can have her for as long as he likes – several hours, days, or even weeks. This is caste-based prostitution in the town of Bharatpur, India where the girls born from the Bedia tribe become prostitutes in a rite of passage into “adulthood”.

Read the full story.

What priced a girl’s virginity? For some, it is something sacred and holy that should be reserved till marriage. For some, perhaps it could be rite of passage into “adulthood” given the circumstances.

N/B: This post is meant to be an enlightening read and not in anyway aimed to degrade virginity to a traded commodity nor to degrade women.


3 Responses to “$3.40 for a 14 year old virgin”

  1. nocturne Says:

    Did YOU read the story before you posted? It’s >S$680 for a virgin.

  2. ordinary guy Says:

    Hi Nocturne,

    Yup. Sure did. It could be higher that S$680 or lesser or even stay at S$3.40 depending on the bids which was mentioned at the starting sentence of my post. Thanks for dropping by.

    Ordinary Guy

  3. nocturne Says:

    Bidding STARTS at S$680.

    Oh nvm.

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