Ghost in Raffles Place lift? Real or Fake?

A CCTV inside a lift in the heart of Singapore business district showing a footage of a ghostly apparition. Here’s the scoop.

The heated debate began when STOMPer Mike sent in pictures and a YouTube link, showing what seems to be a ghostly figure on a CCTV footage captured in a building in Raffles Place.

He said he received the video link via email on Mar 28.

Said the STOMPer:
“There seems to be a strange figure that appeared when the 2 guys were leaving the lift.

“Please respond if anyone working in the CBD can recognize where this building is.”

According to the footage, the video was captured on Feb 21 at 12.28pm.

STOMPers, real or not? You decide.

CCTV footage posted in STOMP Ghost in Raffles Place lift? Real or fake?.

Browse the blogsite of STOMPER Mike at SG Office Ghost. Other interesting sites are SPI (Singapore Paranormal Investigators), Haunted Places In Singapore.

Spine tingling, hair-raising, goose pimples popping…


3 Responses to “Ghost in Raffles Place lift? Real or Fake?”

  1. Joshua Says:

    This video is not real. The makers of the video are talking on their blog about why they created the video. Pretty interesting. You can see it @

  2. adfas Says:

    not found

  3. sparkyboi Says:

    It’s debunked by API and proven to be fake.
    You can view my blog at

    to find out more.

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