E!hub @ Downtown East

Here’s some pictures taken at the new E!hub @ Downtown East to share with readers:

Alight at Pasir Ris Ris MRT station. Either a bus ride that is only one stop away from the bus interchange or a ten minutes lesiure stroll to E!hub @ Downtown East.

Main entrance.

A quick dose of strong coffee from the Alley.

Here’s where they teach kids to become future Indiana Jones.

One echelon above “Top Dog” is “Super Dog”

Wonder what they are serving?

A taste of New York.

A ticket for two at the Singapore Flyer…mini Flyer that is.

Colourful dome-shaped cabins.

Bright blinking lights during the night.


A view of a stretch of the PCN (Park Connectors Network) along Pasir Ris Drive 3.

For your safety.

Yummy yoghurt.

Any parking lots left? Check the indicator.

Neon bright blinking lights displaying dazzling colours at night.

E!hub @ Downtown East


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