Owl @ Pasir Ris Park

Chance upon sighting a baby owl next to the cycling track while pedalling my two-wheeler at Pasir Ris Park yesterday. Not sure which species does it belong too. To prevent it from being unknowingly crushed by cyclists or accidentally trampled by joggers, a fellow cyclist and I prodded it onto a piece of fallen tree bark, lifted it and placed it onto a low hanging branch of a tree. Hope it manage to survive.

4 Responses to “Owl @ Pasir Ris Park”

  1. DK Says:

    Wow…. Nice.

  2. Nathan Says:

    Wow so cool! I have never seen a wild owl before!

  3. ordinary guy Says:

    Hi Nathan, DK,

    It was indeed a rare opportunity to sight a baby owl…or I think it looks like a baby owl. I have submited my pics to the Bird Ecology Study Group of Singapore. Hopefully they can shed more information about the bird and its habitat. There are indeed quite a number of different types of bird which can be seen at our parks. Here’s the link to my blogsite on the page on Nature for you and all readers on some interesting stuff you may like to discover more. Cheerio.

    Ordinary Guy

  4. Bird Ecology Study Group » Owl @ Pasir Ris Park Says:

    […] owl chick at Pasir Ris park while cycling along the bicycle track and posted a short account on his blog […]

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