Blogger’s Code of Conduct

A buzz was created in the blogsphere when a man was arrested for posting racially-offensive content online. Under the blogsite named Sexy Fragrance Prince, the contents of his post was considered offensive that resulted in his arrest.

So, what can be said by bloggers / commenters in blogs that will not run afoul of the law? Does an implicit message in the written or pictorial content carries the same degree of responsibility? Freedom of speech to say what you want?

I believe everyone has to exercise a degree of sensitivity and responsibility to the feelings of others be it in a blog or in person. A search through Wikipedia shows up some guidelines for blogging such as:

1. Responsibility for our own words.
2. Nothing we wouldn’t say in person.
3. Connect privately first.
4. Take action against attacks.
5. No anonymous comments or No pseudonymous comments.
6. Ignore the trolls.
7. Encourage enforcement of terms of service.
8. Keep our sources private.
9. Discretion to delete comments.
10. Do no harm.
11. Think twice – post once

I like point 10. Do no harm. Just like we do not like nor want others to harm us (the pen is mightier than the sword). So before you start typing your next post or make a comment fill with angst, take a moment to browse through Blogger’s Code of Conduct. Enjoy your blogging that will bring joy to your audience as well.


3 Responses to “Blogger’s Code of Conduct”

  1. Sham Says:

    I disagree with #8 & #9; or perhaps a better clarification on the need for those. If everyone follows rule #1 and #2, there should not be a need for rule #9.

    A better clarification is needed on what you mean by rule #8 whereby we keep our sources private.

  2. Sham Says:

    Uhmmm, alright, I suppose I did not really read your post properly, you quoted off Wikipedia.

    So, can we discuss then, what is meant by keeping our sources private?

  3. ordinary guy Says:

    Hi Sham,

    Thanks for dropping by. I guess these are suitable guidelines that we can use as a reference to check ourselves when we make a post or comment. What do you think about #8 + #9? Do you see a need to apply it as an absolute across the board or perhaps in certain circumstances you do not entirely do so?

    Ordinary Guy

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