Fishy business

A noon time visit to a place where fishy business occur. But firstly, a prelude.

Sighted a fisherman along the shoreline of Pasir Ris beach. Using a piece of cloth, he soaked it with seawater, squeezed the cloth and let the seawater dripped onto the ebb/flow line. Some movements took place. With a quick jab into the wet sand using his fingers, a 10-inch wriggling worm is pulled out from the sand. I guess he uses these worms as fish bait.

A bandit is missing.

Sundial and “A Bridge Too Far”.

Mini Mount Everest for the young climbers. One day, it will scaling the real Mount Everest.

Breezy and quiet.

Pasir Ris Farmway 1. Entrance to fishy business.

Arrival at the fish farm in Pasir Ris.

A packet of fish-feed for koi fish cost $1. Dropping a few pellet like fish feed into the pond, they swarm towards the food in a frenzy.

Bright silvery fishes.

A signboard about Arrowana fish.

A signboard about Gar fish.

A huge Gar fish. A size that you hardly see at the wet market.

Turtle and Gar fish…..

… side by side.

Various smaller ponds for different variety of fishes.

Signboard about Catfish.

A cat that has learnt to swim like a fish and has a red tail = Redtail Catfish.


An enjoyable visit to a fishy business.


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