Jeff Dunham the ventroloquist

It’s Friday and perhaps the performance of stand-up ventroloquist comedian Jeff Dunham gives you a well deserved break for the weekend.

The recent runaway success of this shrewd, contemporary, and cutting-edge comedy team has now moved Dunham and his three-foot tall sidekicks out of comedy clubs and into sold-out concert halls and performance arenas across the country. Dunham’s team consists of ‘Peanut’, a frenzied and fast self-described ‘comic genius’, who claims origin from an uncharted island in Micronesia. Then there’s ‘Walter’, an everyman-curmudgeon whose opinions on any person or any subject spew forth in a delightfully unbridled fashion; ‘José Jalapeño’ avoided his destiny to be eaten when he teamed up with Jeff after an accident in his home country of Mexico, which permanently placed him, ‘on a stEEK!’; There’s ‘Melvin’, a mild-mannered, no-real-power superhero who wants to save our country from evil, meanwhile he keeps getting locked inside the suitcase; And finally there’s ‘Achmed’, the dead terrorist…Yes, the dead terrorist. Did we mention this show was cutting-edge?

Here’s a bit more of Jeff Dunham from Wikipedia as well as his site at


2 Responses to “Jeff Dunham the ventroloquist”

  1. coffee Says:

    Jeff Dunham is perhaps the greatest ventriloquist on earth… or at least the funniest

  2. Yvonne Eland Says:

    I love this guy he is truly amazing. I would like t see him have a dog as a sdekick. One that Cesar has not yet rehabilitated. LOL

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