Garden Crawlies @ Plaza Singapura Atrium

It has been a long time since I last stepped into Plaza Singapura. I vividly remember that Plaza Singapura was one of the popular shopping malls during the seventies. Retail outlets consist mainly of musical instruments such as pianos, guitars, a few bridal shops, record stores, Times the Bookstore and many more. One of the ‘pull’ factors was the Japanese supermarket known popularly Yaohan.

Its first store to open in Singapore in 1974 at Plaza Singapura revolutionised the grocery shopping experience in Singapore, and it quickly became a household name.

As I take a walk inside Plaza Singapura, the entire facade has changed. Modern names in the food and beverage business are dotted at various levels of the shopping mall. From jewellery to fashionwear, sports to books, whatever you need could probably be found at Plaza Singapura. There was an exhibition at the atrium of the mall. What’s happening?

Black widow spider.

Can you see the spider in its cave?

Displaying the beauty and colours of different types of butterflies.

Blue-winged beauty.

Emperor scorpion…where’s the Empress?

Goliath Flower Beetle.

Kiddies corner.

Perhaps you may like to bring your kids for a day of discovery of the garden crawlies.


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