A quiet Wednesday at Malacca

Last Wednesday was a quiet day. We drove up north to Malacca to spend a day trip soaking in the even more quiet charms of the old town of Malacca. Not the busy tourist spots but the less-than-often seen places and shops. It wasn’t a busy day at Tuas 2nd Link at about 8.30am. Without the hordes of people, we cleared immgration in a jiffy and then it was a 3-hour drive to Malacca.

Map of Malacca

A road intersection at Johor Bahru as we made our way for breakfast.

Breakfast stop at the yummy Ah Koong Restaurant. A must-try for hand-made fishball noodles. Location: Restaurant Ah Koong Sdn Bhd, 266 Jalan Sutera, Taman Sentosa, 80150 Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Tel: 07-3313621 (6.30am – 11.30pm), website: www.ahkoong.com.

Along the journey, it was a `pee’ break at one of the few food and petrol kiosks. What a relieve.

An overcast sky but it did not rain the entire day.

Passing the town of Tangkak.

Another stop at a nursery to view the beautiful flowers on display.

Go Green.

Sighted a red-tailed dragonfly.

…..and his friend with the blue tail.

Looks like a pagoda flower.

Sharp and spikey just like mother-in-law’s tongue.

Soft morning dew on the branches of the pine tree.

Rows of brown clay pots.

Arrival at Malacca central.

Unique license plate that caught the eye. I hope it doesn’t describe the driver.

Buying fruits at Mun Kiong wholesale fruit seller. Watermelons, rock melons, papayas, rambutans, guavas, mangosteen, bananas.

The tummy rumbles which brought us to our popular eating place…Restaurant Bibik Neo serving Peranakan cuisine. It was crowded when we arrived but an advance phonecall reservation to Bibik Neo saw us to our reserved table.

Typical window covers of old.

Once the tummy has been satisfied, it was a trip to Mohammad durian stall for desserts…durians.

Enroute home, it was a visit to Jonker Street where you can find antiques, artefacts, souvenirs, stuff of sorts.

Not forgetting cappucino coffee from Aik Cheong.

Fancy wearing wooden clogs that goes `click…clock…click…clock’ when you walk?

A stop at Johor Bahru for a last bite before crossing Woodlands Checkpoint. Indeed a quiet and tummy-filled day.

A bit more about Malacca if you have not been there before.


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