Exercise to a healthy you…and your kids too

Due to the recent deaths of two military personnel during training, it caused an unprecendented three days stoppage in military training for a review of training safety procedures. Much has been commented if our young generation of today is less rugged than before. Perhaps a more sedentary lifestyle and all that fast-food we consume could be a cause for and unhealthy lifestyle. Outdoor adventure camping activities in schools may be frowned upon by students and even parents unless such activities help to gain CCA points. The paper chase is the order of the day for survivability in the commercial world. Here’s an article on FOCUS ON THE FAMILY which could be a meaningful read.

What should you do when you see your kids getting a little flabby around the middle? Nobody wants to put their kids on a diet. It is no fun for them and it is a bad idea to call attention to their weight, especially at an age when their self-image is so fragile. Maybe the answer is to make it a family affair!

Factors like the lack of exercise and watching too much television have been known to contribute to child obesity in children. But another reason why so many kids struggle with their weight is that meal portions have gotten too big! And kids tend to eat what we put in front of them. Most of us are have more calories a day than we need, so just cutting back the portions at meal times can make a big difference to their diet. Also, get the family on a regular exercise plan, whether it’s going to the gym, riding bikes or just taking walks through the neighbourhood
several times a week.

When it comes to dieting, the best plan is a family plan.

Perhaps, the coming Milk Run 2008 could be a time for the family to put on your running shoes…and for a good cause too.


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