Magic Wheel

Ever thought how you can ride on a unicycle (one-wheeler) just like you see the performers do in the circus? Balancing and riding on a bicycle is pretty easy to achieve. But for a one-wheeler, what do you think? Here’s an advertisement about the Magic Wheel that caught my attention in TODAY newspaper. Given that SMRT is presently allowing a trial period for foldable bikes to be carried into MRT trains, the Magic Wheel could just be the next thing you see. Eco friendly too.

Magic Wheel: An innovation by a European designer. Environmentally-friendly. Combines the strength of a bicycle and a skateboard. Designed to put you in the spotlight. Set to revolutionise your travelling experience! As a product of outstanding quality, Magic Wheel has been tried and tested by extensive research. It is certified by the highest standards authority in Europe, and bears the CE marking.

Superior quality
Suitable for anyone aged 12 and above
Light and easy to transport
Convenient to bring anywhere
Handy and easy to store away
Fun and cool
Environmentally friendly
Can carry loads up to 150kg


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