Do you feel like a Millionaire?

Jet-setting across the globe in your private jet. Dining at posh eateries. Limousine service at the wave of your hand. Sounds like what everybody has been dreaming and hoping for.

According to a recent report, Singapore saw a total of 10,000 people joining the millionaires club, bringing the total number here to 77,000.

Though you may not qualify to be a member in the prestigous millionaires club, you can still feel like one. Here’s what was written by a writer to MyPaper when she said she feels like a millionaire. Read the full text. I’m sure each of us feel like a millionaire in our own ways.


3 Responses to “Do you feel like a Millionaire?”

  1. alexoriginalcashgift Says:

    What a wonderful topic! Wanted to share this with you. When I was 16 a wealthy man I worked for educated me on a universal law, the law of attraction. He taught me that there is a perpetual cycle of giving and receiving that runs our universe, in order for you to receive you have to give and give gifts. The more you give the more you receive. Cash is the best gift and everyone has the right to give. That day changed my life, the day I realized I had the right to give.

    It is owed to this principle, why so many who are poor can never seem to receive in abundance. They are too focused on their expenses and getting by day-to-day to give the necessary attention to giving. It is also by this principle why the wealthy and those with high net worth are always receiving in abundance because they are always giving in abundance. I chose to associate myself with that line of reasoning and with other millionaires of like minds.

    On June 1, 2008 I joined the Millionaires Gift Club. The Millionaires Gift Club consists of millionaires and aspiring millionaires who wish to maintain the perpetual viral cash flow of giving moderately and receiving massively. You can participate at $1000, $2500, $5000 or $10,000 thus gifting into the program is extremely affordable. It was given to me and now I must share that invitation with you! Consider it paid forward.

    Take care,

  2. ordinary guy Says:

    Hello Alex,

    Thanks for sharing the information with all readers. I’m sure readers will partake whatever they can give…even if it is may just be a warm handshake or cheerful smile to another human being. Cheerio

    Ordinary Guy

  3. alexoriginalcashgift Says:

    Thanks Ordinary Guy, your kindess is appreciated

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