Demise of the PAGER

During the early 80s before the stocky Motorola handphone known as the `tai kor tai’ (referring to big brother chieftian) came into the scene, a humble credit-card size mobile equipment known as the “pager” or “beeper” made its first appearance in Singapore. Hooked to your belt with a thin chain that clips to your pants to prevent it from falling off undetected, it epitomised the social status of the person who has one in possession. A person who is probably a VVIP that has to be easily reached via the paging service and probably to decide on some very important matters when paged.

As technology improves with the proliferation of a variety of mobile equipments available today such as 3G mobile phones, smartphones, PDAs, this humble little pager will make an exit from the technology scene as Singtel will cease the paging service on 10th July 2008.

Another piece of electronic trash? Or perhaps I’ll just keep it as a piece of technological artefact.


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