Sian Sheng, Ni Hao!

My mobile phoned buzzed. The screen displayed “Unknown Number”. Wonder who could the caller be? Usually, the name of the caller will appear on the screen of the handphone if you have his/her number stored in your phone directory. Otherwise, it would just be the telephone number of the caller that will appear.

“Hello, Good morning”, I answered, after pressing the key to accept the incoming call. The response from the female caller came in heavy accented Mandarin, “Sian Sheng, Ni Hao! Ni Hui Jiang Hua Yu Ma?” – translation (Hello mister, do you know how to speak Mandarin).

I have heard rumours of phonecalls from unknown persons that try to strike up a conversation with you for whatever reasons only known to them. Thereafter, you will probably get a shock when you notice your telephone bill at month-end for phone charges you have neither made or known. I’m certain if the caller has a genuine reason for making the call, he/she will try to have someone to speak on their behalf in English, how broken it may be.

“Sorry, I speak English”, was my response. Abruptly, the call was terminated by the female caller. Has anyone encountered such a situation before and perhaps shed some light on such phonecalls?


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