F-35 JSF, Singapore expressed interest

An article published in TODAY newspaper which describe Singapore’s interest in possibly buying up to 100 of this 5th generation fighter aircraft. One of the world’s most advance multi-role fighter aircraft which can operate in any environment in attacking moving targets. Here’s the scoop.

Singapore has shown interest in possibly buying up to 100 of the stealthy, multi-role F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) aircraft over coming decades, said the general in charge of the programme for the Pentagon.

Said Air Force Major-General Charles Davis, the Pentagon’s programme chief: “The Israelis have said they’d take up to 100 aircraft. The Singaporeans have said basically the same thing.” Embassy spokesmen for the two countries had no immediate comment. The world’s most advanced fighter jet, the supersonic F-35 is designed to attack moving targets in any environment.

It uses stealth technology to prevent detection by radar or infrared sensors. Development of the super-fighter was co-financed by Britain, Italy, the Netherlands, Turkey, Canada, Australia, Denmark and Norway. Singapore, as a security cooperation participant of the multinational programme, has access to proprietary information, including flight simulations. Israel is currently the only nation involved at this level, one rung down from the nine JSF programme partners.

Singapore’s Ministry of Defence, in a previous comment on the F-35 JSF, said the plane was “a potential candidate” to meet the air force’s “longer-term requirements for a multi-role fighter”. The United States currently plans to buy a total of 2,443 F-35 models. Hundreds of others may be sold overseas to replace a range of fighters, including Lockheed Martin F-16s and Boeing F-18s. It is the costliest US arms programme ever at a projected US$299 billion (S$407 billion). The conventional version is projected to cost about US$68 million a piece. ~ AGENCIES

WASHINGTON: The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, which Singapore has reportedly expressed interest in purchasing 100 in quantity, is expected to be the world’s premier strike aircraft through 2040. The stealthy F-35 Lightning II, as it is called, will redefine the concept of multi-role strike aircraft.

It is the first-ever aircraft designed to replace four existing aircraft from three US services. These are operational fighters such as the US Air Force’s F-16 Fighting Falcon and the “tank-killing” A-10 Thunderbolt, the US Navy and Marine Corps’ F-18 Hornet and the Marines’ AV-8 Harrier “jump jet”. In addition to stealth, speed and manoeuvreability, the fifth-generation F-35 has increased range and carries a greater payload than the fighters it is replacing. It is able to simultaneously fight at least eight enemy planes and, at the same time, lock-on to as many as 16 enemy ground targets. Also, it can track literally hundreds of targets for 360 degrees and at tracking distances that far exceed the distances of existing fighter aircraft.

The multi-role, all-weather day-and-night fighter and attack air system is designed to operate as a Short Take-off and Vertically Land (STOVL) aircraft from land bases and from the next generation of aircraft carriers. Its new AIM-9X air-to-air missile can perform high off-boresight shots without turning the aircraft’s nose towards the target. Its Aesa radar allows the aircraft to invade, blind or fool enemy sensors and radar at ranges of up to hundreds of kilometres. The JSF will take on the mission of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance.

A fleet of F-35s will be able to conduct missions deep into enemy territory to take advantage of physics, by being nearer the targets, while deepening the areas of surveillance. The F-35 Lightning II’s first successful flight was in December 2006. The pilots who fly the super-fighter have nothing but accolades for the aircraft. Said Lockheed Martin’s chief test pilot Jon Beesley: “This is the plane that, because of its stealth, will be able to go in and kick down the door on the first day of a war.” ~ AGENCIES

F-35 JSF Aircraft Specifications


2 Responses to “F-35 JSF, Singapore expressed interest”

  1. Robert Says:

    Historically, Singapore has been very cautious about what defense articles (F15/16, Leo2A4, Formidable-class frigates, submarines) it wants, when it wants it and how they will go about buying them.

    Given the uncertainties still clouding the JSF project, i don’t see RAF placing firm order anytime soon.

  2. Robert Says:

    Great blog, by the way! will visit often 🙂

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