See you in Facebook

Facebook. The social interactive platform that enables one’s face and life to be described where friends, and friends of friends can view your profile. I was just one of the many faces that recently jumped into the Facebook wagon after receiving an e-invite from a friend. Incredibly, I had the opportunity to link up with a few very “old” classmates of more than 30 years ago. One cannot miss the distinct facial features though we were all “botak” during our primary schooldays. Each of us had gone on different paths and assume various occupations since then. Some married while some are “still looking”. Some still reside in Singapore while some have taken up residence in faraway places. The usual plump facial features which now appear in Facebook compared to the scrawny frame during our much younger days can be easily missed while trawling the images of friends, and friends of friends. It was hard to imagine how we have come this far in each of our life’s journey and yet be connected in this this platform. It’s good to keep in touch after such a long while.

On the other hand, Facebook has also become a platform for Ministers and Members of Parliament. Read the story from TODAY, July 9, 2008.

See You In Facebook.
See You In Facebook…contd.


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