Shopaholics Social Site

This social networking shopping site could be popular especially for the ladies. Exchange information of your shopping buys, where you can get the best bargains or browse for more information before you even make your shopping trip. Sharing an article published in TODAY.

Think you’ve got the sartorial chops to be a fashionista? Well, allow me to introduce Shoplette, a new website by local startup Mobrick that lets you flaunt the latest togs from your shopping spree.

Billing itself as an online playground for shopaholics, Shoplette members can post pictures of their latest buys, list prices, and display the locations of the retail outlets using embedded Google Maps. It’s essentially social networking meets shopping. Members can track the latest buys in their Shoplette circle of contacts and vote whether the listed items are “cool” or “bargain” buys. If they fancy what they see on someone else’s profile page, they can add the item to their wish list. Shoplette also allows members to embed their buys onto blogs easily and share links via Facebook. And, lest you think it’s solely reserved for the fairer sex to display their shoes and dresses, think again. Men are joining the site and proudly listing their wares, too. ~ Hedirma Supian, TODAY, July 25, 2008

What are you waiting for? Let’s shop around at


One Response to “Shopaholics Social Site”

  1. hadyhady Says:

    Hey ! Thanks for the great post! Great website! Hmn personally for me, I tried Its fantastic. You can buy products from UK and US and they will convert the price into the currency of your residing country. XD

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