The decision was actually made before the Beijing Olympics began

If readers have been following the “Gao Ning” incident and the latest news where the president of STTA (Singapore Table Tennis Association), Ms Lee Bee Wah made a decision that team manager Antony Lee services were no longer required and headcoach Liu Guodong’s future now hangs in the balance despite Singapore winning a silver medal in the women’s table tennis team event in the recent Beijing Olympics, most readers were aghast by the untimely manner the decision was made. Given those involved were tight-lipped about the matter, one can only garner the proceedings of the case from the news. Today in the news, it described that the decision was actually made even before the team went for the Beijing Olympics.

Yesterday, media reports quoted Ms Lee as saying that the decision to let Mr Lee go had been made before the Olympics. When asked by The Straits Times to shed more light on this, she declined to comment. ~ The Straits Times Interactive. Read the full story.

What a damper. Most felt that the STTA could have convene a committee of inquiry to investigate into the matter before a decision is reached. Let’s see what further developments will come of this incident.


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