Best Singapore Blog Awards

(Photocredit: The Straits Times Interactive)

Miss Loi, the full-time maths tutor whose “temple” is the place where students seek redemption to survive present day academic challenges. Don’t succumb to “LMBFHS” – Last Minute Buddha Foot Hugging Syndrome, to get the better of you. Prepare oneself for the exams cannot be done at the last minute by burning joss sticks to pray for a miracle nor can burning midnight oil really help you improve your grades the night before. Miss Loi won the “Best Blog Shop” award while the “Best Design Blog” goes to Shaun Chng, an engineering student cum marathoner.

Read the story on 1st Singapore Blog Awards.


One Response to “Best Singapore Blog Awards”

  1. Mark Taylor Says:

    It’s a pleasure to see awards going to Miss Loi. There are many full-time maths tutors especially in Asia where the subject of mathematics is considered extremely important. Tutoring mathematics requires a lot of skill and patience since the right answer can often be found using a number of methods. A good tutor will allow the student to find his or her own way to the final answer thereby promoting real mathematical development of the students brain.

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