Do you like the new Facebook layout?

There has been quite a lot of buzz regarding the new web design layout offered on Facebook. However, many users found the new layout pretty difficult to navigate among other reasons preferring the old layout. There was even a petition in Facebook garnering users to petition to keep the old Facebook layout. Presently, Facebook users have a choice to choose between the old and the new layout. However, this option will not remain for long.

His theory will face a major test on Wednesday when Facebook will begin forcing its 100 million users to adapt to a redesigned website, whether they like the new look or not. Read the full story on The Straits Times Interactive “Facelift for Facebook”


4 Responses to “Do you like the new Facebook layout?”

  1. ShowNearby Singapore Says:


    I could not find your contact, hence I decided to drop you a comment.

  2. ordinary guy Says:

    What’s up?

  3. Corine Says:


    thanks so much to wrote and tell me more about the thieves market at sungei road.

    Long when I was a small little girl, my dad always brought me to sungei road to shop around during weekends when he was not working. He will look for his things while I will walk alongside with him looking around.

    That were the days……

    I loved those days, holding my dad’s hand looking ard around interestingly. A lot of things and dad will make sure I will not hit of some vehicles coming along the way….

    so sweet and fun… now we dun go there anymore since I gradually grown up to go to school….


  4. ordinary guy Says:

    Hello Corine,

    Nice to know you have sweet memories of your childhood days with your dad at Sungei Road. Perhaps a visit to the market with your family members or close friends may result in you finding something interesting that you hold dear in your memories.

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