David Elias building 1928

Situated at the junction of Middle Road and Short Street, an old building known as David Elias building still stands today. Built in 1928 by a Jewish merchant, the design of this building was commissioned to Swan & Maclaren where the neo-classical style of architecture, popular in the 1920s, can be seen today.

^ Map location: No.270 Middle Road

^ An old photograph of David Elias building taken in 1986 overlooking Middle Road and Selegie Road (Photocredit: National Archives of Singapore). The building was also a hotel known as “Sun Sun Hotel”. At the main entrance on the ground floor, you will notice the signboard “Sun Sun Restaurant & Bar”. Just across Selegie Road on the left of the photograph was the restaurant known as “Prince Room Restaurant” located at Selegie Complex.

^ David Elias buiding which still stands today though much of her grandeur have faded away.

^ At the top of the building carried the inscription “David Elias Building 1928” with the prominent Jewish symbol of the Star of David as well as the name of her previous tenant “Sun Sun Hotel”.

^ Much of the ground floor area of the building is presently occupied by eateries and trading companies.

^ On the other side of the building facing Short Street – Rochor Original Beancurd since 1960.

^ Just a few steps from David Elias building facing Short Street is a little church for worshippers – Tamil Methodist Church.

^ Remember Selegie Complex with “Prince Room Restaurant” seen in the first photo above? It has been demolished making way for another brand new establishment.

^ Peace Centre…still very much around.

When you have the opportunity to pass by David Elias building, you may like to give the eateries located on the ground floor a try, knowing that it was built in 1928.


5 Responses to “David Elias building 1928”

  1. Lam Chun See Says:

    I have taken a few photos of the David Elias building last year but I never noticed the Sun Sun Hotel. Must take a close look. Yes I remember the Prince Restaurant in Selegie Complex. I have been there a couple of times during the 80’s. And just a few years ago, I attended a computer course (Microsoft Access) at a training school there shortly before they demolished the buidling.

  2. ordinary guy Says:

    Hello Lam CS,

    I had not logged in for the past 2 days. Sorry to make you think that your comment was blocked out.

  3. Lam Chun See Says:

    I checked. My photos do not have the Sun Sun Hotel name. I must have taken a different section.

    By the way, let me test you. Do you know where is the Ellison Building? It is also a Jewish building and if you have not read my blog earlier and do not know the answer, you can find out at my first first Old Buildings Quiz.

  4. ordinary guy Says:

    Hi Lam,

    Thanks for the link to your previous post on Ellison. I may just walk around that area to see what it has morphed into.

  5. feb Says:

    Thank u for the informarion. Was super corious everytime my bus pass by this grand building. What was happening in the history. Thanks again! -Feb

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