Karang-guni your stuff in the face of recession

Headline news in today’s newspapers “Singapore slips into recession” speaks volumes. With the recent collapse of Lehman brothers, the common man will face another round of more belt-tightening measures to tide over this gloomy period. A bowl of noodles now no longer costs as cheap as before. Transport fares, electricity charges, fuel prices etc are on the rise. A shadow of uncertainty is felt in businesses as companies strive to further enforce cost-cutting measure in the face of gloom to maintain survivalibilty.

Perhaps, the present situation could be an opportunity for some entrepreunial spirit – karang-guni the stuff you have that could have been collecting dust in your storeroom without any further use. Unless you have the time to set up a stall at the flea market at some HDB void decks or along Sungei Road, online flea market could just be the next viable option. Instead of junking them down the rubbish chute, displaying your usable wares online could help to recover that extra dollar. What kind of stuffs for your garage sale? It can be a variety of items which are no longer needed such as used handphones, picture frames, encyclopedias, tea-cups and tray set, digital cameras, kitchen utensils, an old computer screen, motherboard, mouse, educational VCDs which your child has outgrown, toys no longer in use, a baby pram/stroller where your child no longer fits into etc. If you are into craftwork such as making beaded slippers or costume jewellery, put that talent to good use.

There could be a host of items in your store-room that you have thought of clearing but never had the time to do so. Perhaps, spend a little time taking stock of of items you no longer need. Take a photo of it and post it on your blogsite or perhaps advertise it like what I did on Ebay. I had the opportunity to sell an extra LCD screen last year. Recently, a buyer confirmed her purchase of a penguin-shaped water dispenser for a mere $8 which I had bought from Action City but seldom use when the novelity wore off. Yes, it was a mere $8. But every dollar counts rather than discarding it without a single dollar earned. You may like to browse a few other items I have put up for sale by scrolling down the right panel under the title header “My Karang-Guni Corner @ Ebay SG”.

Do you have to shout your throat hoarse like the karang-guni man who goes on his rounds blaring – :po chua (newspapers), ku sar kor (old clothes), tian si kee (tv sets)”. You can be the new breed of techie karang-guni who surfs the internet to advertise your wares. Nevertheless, be genuine in stating the condition of your item and your selling price. Who knows, someone may just need that item you thought of throwing away.

If you have nothing to do on a Sunday and thought of visiting a flea market, here’s the link to Flea markets in Singapore. If you share the same interest in looking at old stuffs to be unpolished jewels, do drop me a note if you like to share your link in my blogsite…Karang-guni…


12 Responses to “Karang-guni your stuff in the face of recession”

  1. Matt Hanson Says:

    Good writing. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed my Google News Reader..

    Matt Hanson

  2. ordinary guy Says:

    Hello Matt,

    Thanks for the compliments. Just an ordinary guy trying to make ends meet in the current recession we are facing. Have added you into my “Blogs I Browse”. Thanks for dropping by and do visit again. Cheerio.

  3. Lam Chun See Says:

    Thanks for the tips. I have always wanted to do what you suggested but not sure how to go about it. Any suggestions. For example, how does the $8 transaction take place? Cash? Doesn’t ebay take a cut? Pardon my ignorance.

    By the way, I made a comment earlier in you Elias Bldg post but the comment seems to have disappeared.

  4. ordinary guy Says:

    Hi Lam CS,

    You may like to browse through the basic info of trading at eBay at http://pages.ebay.com.sg/ebayexplained/index.html If you have any clarifications, you can always write to the eBay team for assistance. Registration would have to be the first-step before trading on eBay. Selling an item can be in 2 forms. State a price for your item and let prospective buyers bid. The highest bid wins at the end of the bidding period. There are also exceptions to close the bid early instead of waiting for the bidding period to end. The other is to state a “Buy Now” price. You state a selling price. Whoever is interested can immediately confirm their purchase by agreeing to your ‘Buy Now” price. Also you may allow prospective buyers to counter a price below your “Buy Now” price. I usually use this feature of “Buy Now” method. Be reasonable in your pricing. Viewers will compare what is the current mkt price for that new product against what your are selling. There are features for you to look at the ranking of the eBayer you are transacting with. End of the day, it is still a transaction between both parties where the seller must be sincere in selling an item and to disclose its flaws and the buyer to check the condition. You state the price for what you think yr item is worth in the hope that someone is interested in purchasing. Let me know if your have any queries or you may email them to the eBay team. Happy selling.

    P/S Sorry I did not logged in for the past 2 days. Your comment on the David Elias building is up.

  5. Lam Chun See Says:

    Hey thanks for the explanation,

  6. py Says:

    I realised that I would prefer to throw things away than to have to take the effort to find a good new home for the things I wish to discard. Maybe it is time to do some reflections.

  7. ordinary guy Says:

    Hi PY,

    A bit of effort that goes into recycling your usable stuff will help…for both the new user and your pocket as well. Happy recycling.

  8. pam Says:

    My sentiments exactly. Though i would like to hold a flea market soon but i did not manage to get the slot at tanglin mall.
    Visit http://alabasterry.blogspot.com for accessories, attire, articles and art at affordable prices!
    contact: alabasterry@gmail.com

  9. ordinary guy Says:

    Hello Pam,

    Nice blogsite you have…and you are putting up stuffs for Christmas already. Wish you a wonderful Christmas sale.

  10. Sue Says:

    Hi! I would like to rent a stall at flea market either at Tanglin Mall/ Timberlux to sell secondhand clothing. Is any one would like share stall pls email me at iclothing@yahoo.com.sg

  11. Renee Says:


    M keen to sell some stuff at flea market. Do u hv any contacts please?thanks!

  12. cleopatrasim Says:

    hi i want to sell 2nd hand clothes… any contacts to give me

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