Stamford House is moving house

Along Stamford Road at the intersection with Hill Street, you will not miss a huge historic building known as Stamford House. It was originally known as Oranje Building built by Regent Alfred John Bidwell (1869-1918) of Swan and Maclaren in 1904. He was also the architect for Raffles Hotel and Goodwood Park Hotel. The architectural design of Stamford House is a variation of the Venetian Renaissance architectural style that was popular in commercial buildings in the Victorian period at that time. Similar buildings were Capitol Building & Theatre, MPH Bookstore (Malayan Publishing House) located along Stamford Road.

^ Map location: Stamford House, No.39 Stamford Road, Singapore.

^ Picture of Stamford House today. Not much changes since 1904.

^ The year “1904” which it was built can be seen on the inscription at the top of the building.

A bit more about Stamford House from Infopedia. Very soon, Stamford House will undergo a revamp. Perhaps you may like to have a last browse at the shops located within before the renovations take place. Read the story about Stamford House Moving House, TODAY, Oct 4, 2008


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