Old St Anthony’s Convent

Ask anyone and most people will be able to tell you that present-day CHIJMES, sited at Victoria Street, was formerly a convent known as CHIJ (Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus). Unlike CHIJ at Victoria Street which has been preserved and transformed into a place for high-end shopping and fine dining within the shopping belt, there is another convent located nearby where the school building did not share much popularity and fanfare today but still held a rich history. Located at No.111 Middle Road, the school building known as St Anthony’s Convent, still stands today but to much emptiness.

Map location: Old St Anthony’s Convent at No.111 Middle Road.

^ Opposite the old St Anthony’s Convent, three shop units selling party stuff formerly from the Concourse have relocated to Middle Road. All the kiddy party needs can be found here. From party hats to gift bags, a place your kids will love to browse for his/her next birthday party.

^ A group of girls from St Anthony’s Convent (L-R: Joyce Ho, Betty Chin, Catherine Leow, Agnes Low, Janice Wong) which was the first women’s team that participated in the Free Press Big Walk. (Photocredit: National Archives of Singapore, circa 1961)

^ A present-day photo of the exterior of old St Anthony’s Convent. The embedded Cross still remains with the flagpoles.

^ The stretch of the exterior of the school building along Middle Road.

^ A passageway on the exterior of the school.

In Aug 1879, the priest of St Joseph’s Church (the Church still exist today and is located just next to the old school building), Father Jose Pedro Santo Anna de Cunha, decided to set up a school for the poor children of the parish. The school started with an enrolment of just 6 students, and was known as St Anna’s School.

^ An old undated photo of St Anthony’s Convent. (Photocredit: SACSS)

^ Present day.

^ The courtyard where school assembly took place. The Cross symbolising Christianity with two flag-poles. One flew the National flag while the other flew the school flag.

^ A view of the courtyard which is about the size of two badminton courts laid out lengthwise.

^ Christmas celebration with the handicapped at St Anthony’s Convent. (Photocredit: National Archives of Singapore, circa 1975). Did you notice the old film camera and the aerated bottled drinks from F&N (Fraser & Neave) in the photo? Take note of the design of the floor tiles.

^ An empty corridor with a staircase at the end leading to the upper floors. The floor tiles have remained the same since then.

^ Once bustling with the chatter of the pupils, the building today remain quiet except for the sound of traffic outside.

As the years passed, enrolment increased. In 1894, the girls came under St Anthony’s Girls School while the boys formed the population of St Anthony’s Boys School. The Canossian nuns managed St Anthony’s Girl’s School where the girls were given basic education and technical skills. Apart from the academics, technical skills such as sewing and embroidery were also taught to equip them with skills to land a job when they grow up.

In 1906, the school was known as St Anthony’s Convent. During World War II, the Japanese Occupation of Singapore (1942-1945), the school became a refuge for the sick and the homeless.

On 4th Aug 1979, Dr Toh Chin Chye (Minister for Health) made a speech during the centenary celebrations of St Anthony’s Boys School and St Anthony’s Convent. Here’s an excerpt of his speech.

Read the rest of the history of St Anthony’s Convent.

^ The statue of St Anthony which can be seen along Middle Road.

^ The old school building of St Anthony’s Convent still stands today and is presently occupied by…

^ …the Chinese Opera Institute.

^ Side-entrance from Queen Street leading into the school compound. Gone are the sounds of excited chatter that onced passed this way.

^ A map showing the location where the old St Anthony’s Convent and St Anthony’s Boys School once stood. If you happen to be passing that area, perhaps you like to find out what is the name of the building that presently sits on the site of old St Anthony’s Boys School. What happened to St Anthony’s Boys School?

The girls of St Anthony’s Convent, in their light blue pinafore and white blouse, no longer commute to their school at Middle Road. In 1995, the school was relocated to a bigger site at Bedok North Avenue 4 with better amenities to accomodate the large student population. The primary and secondary level each has their own respective school wings all within the same compound.

I’m sure the school’s motto in Latin “VIA, VERITAS, VITA” in English that means the “Way, Truth, Life” carried in the hearts of these convent girls have guided them well in their life’s journey.

Were you a convent girl from SAC who studied at the old school premises at Middle Road? What unforgettable memories hold for you during your time there?

Added on 25th Aug 2009:
I am adding a comment to this main post page which is from the Canossian Alumni Association that provides more information about the Canossian spirituality and her set up.

Canossian Alumni Association Says:
August 24, 2009 at 11:11 pm

Thank you for featuring SACPS and SACSS. It brings back fond memories for all Canossians at 111 Middle Road. Canossian Alumni Association is the official alumni connecting the 3 Canossian Schools: Canossa Convent Pri, SAC Pri and SAC Sec. Whilst we are a small community in Singapore, our Italian roots cross 35 countries. Our school motto Via Veritas Vita is embedded in Canossian schools across the network eg Sacred Heart Canossian College in HK etc. It is named St Anthony’s Convent in the early years 1879 as the Canossian Sisters in Singapore belonged to the province of St Anthony. Whilst we are a small community in Singapore, we do not seek to compare ourselves with any others who are perceived to be more popular. We remain close to the Canossian Sisters and ensure that the mission of our school foundress St Magdalene of Canossa stay true to its roots. http://canossianalumni.com.


141 Responses to “Old St Anthony’s Convent”

  1. acroamatic Says:

    Ah, my mum and most of her sisters studied at Saint Anthony’s Convent.

    I studied at Saint Anthony’s Boys’ School, which moved to Bukit Batok in the early 90s. It also went co-ed, so it is known as Saint Anthony’s Primary School now.

    The old SABS building now houses a management school of some sort. I took some photos of the building in 2006. At that time it was the T.E.D. Huaxia School of Management. I think it’s now another school!

  2. His Food Blog Says:

    Hi there, thanks for walking me down the memory lane.

    My sis used to study at St Anthony’s Convent and myself – St Anthony’s Boy Primary School – sharing the same courtyard surrounding the church.

  3. ordinary guy Says:

    Hello Acromatic and His Food Blog,

    CBS schools and convents usually have members of the family and those after theirs attending the same institution spanning a couple of generations. Hope this post brings back fond memories for you, your family and friends.

  4. profkingsfield2004 Says:

    How come the other convents not so popular? I mean popular with the boys? I too heard about Infant Jesus but not St Joseph Convent or St Anthony Convent yet my old school just a stone’s throw away.

  5. py Says:

    Thanks for this post. I used to have rehearsal (Chinese Orchestra) nearby the area and it brings nice memories, simply to read about buildings about that area, including the Singapore Art Museum. 🙂

  6. Icemoon Says:

    There is a typo in the motto which came from the Latin Bible (John 14:6). Should be life, not light.


  7. ordinary guy Says:

    Profkingsfield2004 – I guess the answer lies in the hearts of the boys. It is quite known in the past that St Gabriel’s boys connects with St Joseph’s Convent girls, St Pat’s with Katong Convent, SJI with either CHIJ or SAC though it is probably more with CHIJ given the close vincinity of the school.

    PY – Hope it gives meaning to your next instance if you happen to pass by the old SAC.

    Icemoon – Thanks for spotting the typo error which I have corrected in the post. I was seeing stars by the time I finished preparing the post and the word “Light” happened to appear. Thanks

  8. pcangel Says:

    Here’s one memory of schooldays at SAC. Our classroom was on the ground floor in the old wing, just next to Middle Road. We couldn’t see what was going on outside the window as wooden louvres were covering the bottom half of the windows. Once when we were having English lessons, we heard voices singing. The next moment coins were being tossed through the open window.. Talk about money falling from heaven! You can imagine the excited screeching and mad scrambling for those coins. It was a while before our teacher, a nun, got us back into order, and instructed everyone to hand over the the windfall. Then, she piled all the coins into the middle of her handkerchief and instructed 2 girls to deposit everything into the Poor box. Sigh. Our dreams of ice balls after school were dashed but no one grumbled.

  9. ordinary guy Says:

    Hello PCAngel,

    I’m sure those coins donated to the Poor Box had benefitted someone else who is more in need. Though your dreams of ice-balls may have melted instantaneously, many blessings have come your way during your school days for you and your friends of SAC. Cheerio.

  10. Little Twin Stars Says:

    My sis and I were former students of the old SAC (Middle Road). I was in the 1979 – 1984 batch and have rather fond memories of my school days. My form teachers were Mrs Ubaya, Mrs Seow, Ms Tan, Mrs A. Rashid, Mrs Foo (who commuted to school daily on a trishaw) & Mdm Ang or was it Mrs Ang?? (she wore cheongsum to school daily). Mrs Leong was our Principal, followed by Mrs Aw (nicknamed Bulldog). Sister Angela was our VP.

    Anuty Minie Nunis, Bless Her Soul, was my grand aunty so we had some privileges, ie. we were allowed to enter the school early, before our classes commenced daily. She also gave my sis & I a few religious articles such as medals and holy pictures.

    The school’s toilets (especially the ones in the P1 & P2 block) were rumoured to be haunted. I remember our Chinese teacher Mrs Seow recounting her meeting with a ghostly hand in the teachers’ toilet in the main block. When she was about to exit the cubicle, a “black hand” emerged out of no where and “touched” her. I think she stopped using the toilet on the ground floor after that incident. She also permitted 2 girls to go to the toilet so that they had each other for company, just in case……..

    I remember having our recess in the school’s courtyard/parade square (Secondary section). We had to sit on the floor of the courtyard for our meals as there were not many tables and chairs available.

    I remember eating yong tau foo and always ordering “10cents bee hoon and 10cents fish ball”. The fishball was huge and the aunty (who was my sister’s classmate’s mom) would cut it into four pieces. I would put a ladle full of sweet sauce in my soup. It was simply delicious.

    I also remember that the ice-cream at the drinks and fruits stall sold for 10cents a piece and my favourite flavour was Sarsi. My all time favourite stall has got to be the tidbits stall. They sold the fish satay (not the bbq ones) for 5cents a stick, bee bee snacks, mamee, chickadees, etc. Then there was the corner bookshop which sold nice erasers (or rubbers) and pencil caps and a lot of other fancy stationery.

    There were also outside vendors (some illegal ones) selling food items such as bread with otah (on a bike), Chinese pancakes (the old man carried a small charcoal stove & balanced it on a pole), ice-cream (they used to sell Roseslice, my favourite, which was bandung flavoured), etc.

    We used to play skipping games, zero point and other improvised games in the compounds of St. Joseph’s Church before the school gate opened daily. We played four stones, chapteh, hopscotch (drawn with chalk stolen from our class blackboard), card games such as Happy Family, Snap, Donkey & Old Maid.

    I also remember running across the streets with my friends to buy “Sing Pow” after school.

    Those were the days………sigh

    • Sharon Mah Says:

      I stumbled upon your posts while searching for some pictures of our school to post on FB…I was there 1978-1983 (P1-P6). I miss the yong tau foo and the chinese pancakes, that was my staple breakfast. One thing was the horrible drains, its deep, dark and dirty and we had to brush our teeth there – gross!

      I did not attend the secondary school and hold no memories of the sec school. I did help Auntie Mini mind her door before school. Her batik dress and her bun up hair – still fresh in my mind and she would busily take note of which nuns were in and whose out on that board. I think my batch saw 3 principals, Mrs Leong, Mrs Au and Sr Angela, whom I always wondered if she kept long or short hair.

      Remember the library was in that upper attic and the chapel which I am not very fond of – and I dunno if you remembered the cleaner lady who looks a bit unsound and she yells. To open up the classroom windows we had to use a hook attached to a wooden stick to unlatch the green frosted louver window, no air con and we survived…love those memory…I can go on and on..

      • Tan lay Pheng / Chen Liping Says:

        Hi Sharon,
        I was also at SAC from 1978 to 1983 (p1-6). Did you recall Mrs Chin as your form teacher? I miss Mrs Chin alot and wonder how she is…would love to see her again and say thank you if I have a chance. I have the best memories of my days in middle road! ;)) Old girl of SAC (Pri).

  11. ordinary guy Says:

    Hello Little Twin Stars,

    Nice to know that this post brought back some good memories for you. In fact, this morning on the outside perimeter of Church of St Joseph just next to the Old St Anthony’s Convent, a fund-raising charity event in the form of running a relay race called the “SK QUAH – RUN FOR FUNd” comprising of students, teaching staff, old girls and not forgetting the nuns was held. It was indeed a gathering of the young and old.

  12. Rosalind David Says:

    I was a student there from 1963 to 1968( Primary ) before moving to the Secondary school there as well.I remember the Indian man whom all the students love to but the ice ball( which is ice kachang) made in to a ball & sometimes we will owe him money & pay him later & he never fails to make that ice ball for us,how sweet!.The coconut sweets which use to be selling for 5 sweets at 5cts.Boy it was really fun.Some of the teachers I remember was Mrs Ubaya,Catherine Jacobs,my favourite teacher whose lesson were not boring & has that sweet face.She had 2 daughters Doreen & Sandra ,I remember who use to study there as well.I really hope to see Mrs Jacobs if I had a chance,Really an unforgettable place

    • Tina De Payva Says:

      Hi there, I was at St. Anthony’s from 1965-1972. The Eurasian teacher was Constance (Connie) Jacobs with 2 daughters Lorraine and Sandra and she also has 2 sons. Lorraine was my best friend when we were in secondary school. We met up in UK 30 years ago and somehow lost contact . I am now in the States and I really wanna find her and her family.

  13. ordinary guy Says:

    Hi Rosalind,

    Thanks for sharing your memories of your school days at the former SAC at Middle Road. You may like to contact the school to see if they happen to have the contact nbrs of your former teachers so that you can link up with them. Good luck.

  14. Cat Says:

    Little Twin Stars…the teacher who wore cheongsum to school daily was Mrs Ang. She was my Primary 5 form teacher. Almost all the girls in my family were from SAC. We were just talking about the yong tau foo stall. It was THE BEST. It was always the place to find my sister and cousins. Just needed to go the the pillar near the chilli sauce. They were stationed permanently there during breaks :p

  15. iammyy Says:

    What sweet memories ! I had my entry test at the Middle Road’s SACP but studied at Bedok North Campus. Miss being a SACian and I think it has been the best 9 years of my life ever. Miss the chapel and singing hymns in the morning. Not forgetting the horrifying dental nurses. hur

  16. ordinary guy Says:

    Hi MYY,

    If you are in Facebook, you may like to connect with ex SACians who have FB groups set up to reconnect. Cheerio.

    • Starbright Says:

      What’s your facebook account. I would like to connect with some ex SAC students. Thank you.

  17. Brenda Says:

    I am looking for classmates from 1972. Anyone by the name of Sudah M or Mei Ying. Please contact me.

    I will be in singapore from July 1 to July 15. Would really like to see old friends, been more than 30 years.

    • Mei Yin Chung Says:

      Hello Brenda. Nearly fell off my chair whilst scanning websites for old SAC photos to add to my FB albums & saw 2 names I recognised!!! I have been wondering how to get in touch with you Brenda. I’ve lost touch with Sudha M & found a few others along the way. I know it’s a little late, but I’m hoping that you’ll have a way of being notified of late responses.
      I’m listed with the We are SACians Class of 1976. We’re “lumped” into the 1976 class cos they aren’t enough old students to start one of our own.
      Fingers & toes crossed.

    • MeiYin Chung Says:

      Hi Brenda. This is Mei Yin. I’ve posted a reply about 3 hrs ago … but it doesn’t seem to be showing. Don’t know if I’ve anything wrong. How to get in touch with you? I’m in FaceBook if this helps.

  18. ordinary guy Says:

    Hi Brenda, if you happen to have a Facebook account, you can try searching for groups created with the name of “St Anthony’s Canossians”. Hope you will get in touch with some of your former classmates of your year. Cheerio.

  19. Theresa Says:

    Hei, came upon this thread by chance. I graduated in 1974. Anybody remembered the rumours about “oily man” in Sec. school toilet – 2nd fl. I think. Scary. I brought my kids back for a walk few years ago, walking along the corridors & the even the steps walking up the classrooms. Nostalgic !!!
    Hope you all attended the alumni dinner held just this April. Some of the classmates I have not met for 35 years …

    • Brenda Says:

      Does anyone have a yearbook from 1972?

    • Gillian Says:

      Hi Theresa,
      I too graduated in 74, I was from Sec 4C, Miss Choy’s class …Missed the alumni, how did it go? Lee Peng

      • joseph chong Says:

        Would any of you know Lorraine Yim Geok Lan. She used to stay at Block 55, Geyland Baru and was a former student in SAC.
        We were penpals for a number of years. Got to know her when she entered her name in this magazine called The Crusaders. I am from KL. My contact number is +6012-3003800 and email : josefchong@yahoo.com

    • Lawrence Liau Says:

      I am looking for an old friend by the name of Theresa Kok, from St. Anthony’s convent, who probably graduated in 1974. Hope I am lucky.

      Lawrence Liau

    • Lawrence Liau Says:

      By the way, my e-mail address is liauks@hotmail.com. Hope to hear from Theresa Kok.

      Lawrence Liau

    • Josephine Tan SJ Says:

      hey Theresa… i too graduated from 74. is your surname Yong?

      • Joseph Chong Says:

        1974? Do any of you know Lorraine Yim Geok Lan? She once stayed in Block 55, Geyland Baru..

  20. Margaret Ong Says:

    The pictures remind me of my 16 years of student ife in St. Anthony’s Convent. I am almost 50 years old now. It is one of the the happiest days of my life with lots of happy memories of my classmates, the nuns, the tuckshop food, High mass at St Joseph’s church, praying in the chapel, etc. I certainly hope that the government will preserve this landmark.

  21. Margaret Ong Says:

    Oh and I forgot to mention that the pictures also remind me of fond memories of Good Friday service and procession outside St Joseph’s church which I attended with my dad and my elder sister. I am very privilege to be part of St Anthony’s Convent and hope to hear from anyone who left in 1976.

  22. ordinary guy Says:

    Hi Margaret,

    There is a Facebook group for SAC Alumni. Perhaps you may chance upon meeting some former classmates there. Thanks for visiting and glad you had pleasant memories of your schooldays at SAC.

  23. Margaret Ong Says:

    Thank you very much ordinary guy. I will do as you advice right now.

  24. Melody Says:

    Hi, I was in both SAC primary and secondary (1984). I can vaguely remember my teachers’ name except Mrs Zuzarte, Mrs Jacobs, Mrs Ang, Sister Marie, Ms Tan, Mr Quak and Sister Cecily and the eurasian music teacher. I must say I was terrified of Mrs Ang and Sister Marie. My principals were Mrs Leong and Sister Calista…very nice. I remember Auntie Minnie at the entrance. I took the school bus which used to park just outside the church. Well, good, bad and fun memories:)

  25. ordinary guy Says:

    Hi Melody,

    It was nice to know that SAC held good memories for you. You may like to know that there is a Faceboom group for SAC Alumni. Hope you will get to reconnect with your friends. Cheerio.

  26. Dan Says:


    It is great to read your article. It really brings back some wonderful recollections. I studied in St. Anthony’s Boys but my younger siblings did study in St. Anthony’s Convent.

    However, I have some memories of the Convent, having studied Catechism there in 1960, in preparation for my First Communion. I recollect Mother Margarita, our Catechism teacher, who was very stern in outlook but gentle and gracious in heart. I still have a few photos of the reception held on this occasion, in the Convent’s premises. Also, a group photo with the then parish priest of St. Joseph’s Church, Fr Teixeira.

    I also have memories of joining a religious group “Crusaders”; the membership badge which I still have in my possession. A concert in the Convent hall, in that year, saw a performance by the “Singing Khoos” and a piano recital by one of the Khoos’ sister.

    I remember Minnie Nunis and Rev Mother Victoria since my Mom knew them very well. She brought us along, to visit them occasionally.


  27. ordinary guy Says:

    Hi Dan,

    Thanks for dropping by. It’s wonderful to hear of your fond memories of SABS. You may like to look for Categories” and click on “Places”. Perhaps the surrounding areas along Middle Road may bring you more pleasant recollections.

  28. Ranee Kaur Says:

    OH MY GOD!!!!! after search for the last few years I came across this website today. I have been trying to look for my class mates. Sister Calista was our principal. Jenny Lee Siew Fong, Scharlet jacobs, Poh Sok Hong, Goh Siew Gee…..gosh I have to find my list. Does anyone know these people. We were from class of 1971. Hope someone can help

    thank you

    • Brenda Says:

      Did you by any chance had Mrs Mabel Wong as one of your teachers in Sec 4

    • MeiYin Chung Says:

      Hello Ranee,
      I read with interest one of the names on your above list. I recently got back in touch with a few school/classmates thru FaceBook & the We Are SACians sites. One of my new found classmate mentioned Scharlet Jacobs recently & reminiscing on how to get back in touch with her. I do remember the name, but unfortunately am not able to recall her face. I wonder if you have managed to reconnect with Scharlet?
      I graduate from class of 1972. My teacher was Ms Joanne Webb.

      Cheers, MeiYin Chung

  29. Little Twin Stars Says:

    Hi Cat, thanks for the info. Mrs Ang was very fierce back then….come to think of it, I do recall her making the class copy all her previous students’ composition (only those with good grades) whenever we were asked to do a compo. She would then mark each student’s work based on their handwriting. Anyone with illegible or horrible handwriting will be given lousy grades…LOL! Then there was streaming done in P3 if memory does not fail me. 3 of my classmates had to leave the school because they failed their English Language.

    I also commuted to school by the school bus and I dreaded the morning session as I had to wake up in the wee hours of the morning to take my breakfast and then wait for the school bus to arrive at 6am!! We had students from St. Anthony’s Boys taking the bus with us as well and we often fought with the boys. Whenever the dismissal bell rang, the girls would race to the bus and throw their bags through the bus window to “cheop” a seat. We also played 4 stones in the bus….don’t ask me how but we managed to do it! :o)

    Can anyone recall ordering milk through the school? They came with various flavours like banana, strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, etc. The milk packets were also colour coded to differentiate the flavours….and if you collect the top portion of the milk packet, you would be able to redeem fancy stationery items such as pencil caps, trinkets and the like.

    Oh, I just miss my primary school days….how I wish I can go back in time! If anyone invents a time machine, please let me be the first one to know!!

    BTW, I managed to find some of my primary school friends on Facebook. It’s a great way to connect with all my old friends. Cheers!

    • deborah de silva Says:

      I sure did and like you ,I use to play all those games and I do miss those good old days.I also remember fighting with the boys.I don’t know if you still remember Mrs Foo,Miss De Silva,Miss Lee.I can remember Mrs Kanakarajah and Mrs Leong.Those were really fond memories for me.Miss Lee is now living in Brisbane,Qld,Australia.

      • Lee Peng Says:

        Hi Deborah,
        I graduated in 1974. Studied in both the Primary and Secondary School. Miss Lee was my Primary 3 form teacher, Miss De Silva in Primary 2, Mrs Kanakarah was the music teacher.
        Any one from the SAC school brass band? I was in the first batch.
        Lee Peng

      • Bernadette de roza Says:

        Hi I was in sac from 1965 to 1974- sec 4 and I remember you well lee peng and you in the brass band – I remember mrs kanagaraj doing the auditions. I will be in singapore fr 23 Jan 2012 to 30th Jan – attending my sister – she is Sr Marie de roza who taught at sac and canossa convent/ 50 th jubilee of being a nun! I live in Perth and would love to catch up with anyone fr the class of 1974 – pls contact me via email bfane@bigpond.com and hopefully I will see some of you in Singapore

    • pcangel Says:

      Gosh, I had forgotten about posting on this blog in 2008. You have my sympathy for having Mrs Ang for English in primary school! I have her to thank for my lovely handwriting : ) throughout my school years. I would love to get in touch with old girls from 67-72(Primary) who started off with Mrs Rozario in primary 1 and finishing with Mrs Ying in primary 6.

      My condolences to the family of Mrs T. Leong. I remember her for her patient and kind ways.

  30. Canossian Alumni Association Says:

    Thank you for featuring SACPS and SACSS. It brings back fond memories for all Canossians at 111 Middle Road.
    Canossian Alumni Association is the official alumni connecting the 3 Canossian Schools: Canossa Convent Pri, SAC Pri and SAC Sec. Whilst we are a small community in Singapore, our Italian roots cross 35 countries. Our school motto Via Veritas Vita is embedded in Canossian schools across the network eg Sacred Heart Canossian College in HK etc.
    It is named St Anthony’s Convent in the early years 1879 as the Canossian Sisters in Singapore belonged to the province of St Anthony. Whilst we are a small community in Singapore, we do not seek to compare ourselves with any others who are perceived to be more popular. We remain close to the Canossian Sisters and ensure that the mission of our school foundress St Magdalene of Canossa stay true to its roots. http://www.canossianalumni.com

  31. Catherine Cheong Says:

    Hi All,
    Good grief! quite by chance typing in my old school and seeing the 1961 Freepress Walk,brings back memories.Recognised all the girls who were in my class. Janice Wong’s name is incorrect and should have been Josephine Wong. Fancy, a chance meeting with her whislt we were crossing the road in Toronto. That was in 1987 and it was nostalgia , we talked about the hilarious years we had at St Anthony’s.All of the above mentioned teacher’s were mostly newly qualified teachers in the late 1950’s and yes I do rmember them well. My parent’s had a Singer Sewing Machine shop in North Bridge Road and several other machine shops throughout Malaya ( as it was then called) Oh I would love to hear from anyone out there to get in touch with me. I now reside in Paignton Devon and run a small hotel. I should be retired by now but unable to retire as I still feel as young as ever. I meet so many interesrting people from all walks of life and as the saying goes,” you’re only as young as you feel”. I often wondered where all my former classmates are today.Probably a small minority like myself are out of Singapore. I could go on and on about our Convent school and I still remember every nook and corner , including the nuns especially Mother Magarita, who wouldn’t in those days. Bless them all Cheers Catherine Sherwood nee Cheong

    • ordinary guy Says:

      Hi Catherine,

      There is the alumni whose website address is mentioned above. There is also a Facebook group. Hope you will be able to get connected with your friends after so many years.

    • Diana Poh Choo Vasey Says:

      hi i am ex SAC . was there from 1963-1966. I left spore and now live in Hampshire. do u remember Mother Carmen ? she was my last teacher.

    • jane nickson Says:

      hi catherine cheong,
      my mom, lilian chee, is trying to contact you.

  32. Anula De Silva Says:

    All my sisters studied at SAC until 1959 then went on to Marymount Convent in Thomson Road. I wonder if some of our old friends will remember me & my sisters. Kok Kheng Lan, Goh Bee Hwee, Josephine Chua These are their maiden names

  33. Tracey Ubeyratna Says:

    Hi happened to chance upon this website…wow what sweet memories. I was in SAC from 1975 to 1984. Still remember the yong tau foo stall and how shiok the food was. I remember eating at the SABS canteen too where the Indian man sold a delicious plate of mee siam with a chilli that made you crave for more!
    Mrs Leong was my principal in Pr sch and Sr Calista in sec school.
    I had great memories there. I remember how we played zero point in the courtyard outside school when we came early during afternoon school and many of us had scrapes on our knees due to falling on the rough gravel! Noone cried though and we’d just dab the cut with some tissue and water and later go to the office to get the yellow or purple lotion. There were only two classes per level in pr school and my p1 teacher was Mrs Zuzarte. Still remember her cos she was one cool lady!
    I’m still best friends with my pri school best friend. We’d walk to school and back every day and were in the same class all the way too. I’ve managed to link up with some old classmates from sec school. School days are indeed the best days!

    • Syd Castillo Says:

      Dear Tracey,

      Are the same Tracey Judith Ubeyratna I new in 1988 – PY of SSEAYP? Hey, I have been looking for you for years. Where are you at, dear Tracey?


    • Syd Castillo Says:


      Email me at sydcastillo@gmail.com



    • Maria Says:

      Hi Tracey,
      I wonder if we were in the same class. If you always hung out with Heather
      and acted in the school play”The Merchant of Venice”, under the direction of Mrs De Souza, who taught literature, then I think we were in the same class. Though back then i was Maria David. Hope to here from you soon.


      • Angeline Wong Yu Ching Says:

        Hi Maria David,

        Were you in SAC secondary from 1980 to 1983? I remember this name very well. Sister Calista was our principal then and I think SK Lim was the deputy. I was in commerce stream Sec 4.2 and was in the Tennis team. Mr. Quah was the PE teacher and tennis coach and was really strict. He always made us do lots of sit ups and burpees during tennis training. I did Malay as Second language.

        Angeline Wong
        Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

      • Michele Chan Says:

        Hi Maria and Angeline. I remember you both. Remember me? How are you! I found this web page by chance today. My daughter is in SAC. I met Mr Quah when she was in Primary One.
        Sadly Mr Quah passed away in 2002. 😦

        Michele Geraldine Chan
        Class of 1980 -1983

  34. Soon Yan Seen Says:

    It was wonderful to search and find this site which brings back memories of my old school days at Middle Road. Mrs Ang was my P5 teacher and she was really was a good old soul – though fierce, she was fair and made sure everything was perfectly done. Would love to see her again as she taught most of my siblings. Mrs Leong was also one of the best principals I ever had. I transferred to another school at P5 due to the noise of rebuilding nearby and though the other school was moré reputable, the motto “Via, Veritas, Vita”stays with me wherever I go. Cannosian education has given us an excellent grounding for life!

  35. Gina Says:

    I Was an old sec girl of the school in the 80s although i did not attend primary school there. Love my science teacher Miss Choy who is so caring and kind. I was like a square peg in a round hole and she took me under her wings. Since we do not have a field for sports practice, we had to go to National Stadium for practice. She and I would go together in her car. Of course, I had to help her carry all the sports equipment. Never felt so impt in all my life.

    Also can’t forget the school principal, Sr Carmen and all the kind nuns who kept us grounded and taught us life skills. I’ve still kept in touch with many of my sec mates and we still meet up for makan sessions. Love and miss the good old school days.

  36. maria Says:

    I am so glad I found this site, through curiosity as to how the ex SAC building site, must look like came to mind and i surfed on to this site. Firstly I would like to acknowledge that all you fellow Ex SACians made me feel home sick as you so accurately described the scenes of a long gone era!
    I too was initiated through the hallowed halls, with nuns and hard quardrangle courts which my derrier got quite accoustomed to, when trying to have a converstion among the din of voices and chopsticks and noodles at recess. I had Mrs Hormberg for primary 1, Mrs Rozario for Primary 2,can’t remember the rest, but a few that indeed make an impression were Cik Aishia (Malay teacher), Mrs Zurarte and yes I was in Dianne Zurate’s class. Mrs Leong was the primary school principal and Sr Cecily Pravi the secondary Sch Principal. Mrs Goh was maths teacher, Mrs Kanagarajah, I was in the choir, Miss Han was history teacher, Sr Maria was an incredibly fun nun who also taught history in Sec 2.

    I really miss the SAC family, as home is now Australia, Brisbane actually. Sometimes I regret that my children will never get an understanding of the nuances of the Singaporean way of life. But at least here I feel as in old days when we speak with such affection for the alma mater.

    If anyone knew theresa Phua, Pushpa, Dianne, Angelina, Lorraine Ann D’Rozario, Michele Jaswant etc pls let me know as I woulds really love to catch up with everyone.

  37. Elizabeth Yeo Says:

    I’m glad I came across your blog through Facebook. Yes, SAC had good memories. I remember enjoying my recess where I’ll always queue for the dried noodles and later going to the same stall to get the soup. I enjoyed participating in the drill competition for St John’s Ambulance Brigade. I’ve also been trying to look for my ex-classmates like, Agatha Martin, Maria D Cotta, Yvonne Oliveiro, Elizabeth Low. It would be great to keep in touch for old times sake.

    • Ho Yoke Hah Says:

      Happen to come across this site, while searching for alumni. My sister Ho Yoke Peng and I have fond memories in SAC especially in St. John’s Ambulance Brigade, with all the marching, first aid and competitions. I remembered rushing down when the recess bell rings queing up for the sticky mee!! My sister graduated in in 1976 while I graduated in 1975.

      • Iris Yap Lay Keow Says:

        Hi Ms Ho , I came across tis site by chance . It did ring a bell on your name and your sister .. Helen Teo Bee Hwee & myself ( Iris Yap Lay Keow ) are trying to find some of our classmates and schoolmates graduated ard 1975 & 1976 .
        It almost 30 over years and we found each other via facebook.

      • helenhyh Says:

        Hi Lay Keow, sure remember you!!! will contact u again after my
        holidays! Merry Christmas

      • Iris Yap Lay Keow Says:

        email : iris.yaplk@gmail.com

    • Anastasia Tessensohn Warzak Says:

      Hello Elizabeth! Strange how you remember my cousin, Elizabeth Low and not me 😦 She is doing well and still lives in Singapore. I remember you well as you hung out with Agatha Martin throughout secondary school. Remember Sister Virginia? She taught many girls how to hand a pair of scissors over – with the handles out and not the other way. I remember her slapping, really hard, the hands of Christina Fernandez in sewing class for not handing the scissors the correct way. I still hand scissors the way she taught us. When I graduated from sec. 4, I was totally lost. Should have been a nun then. lol.
      I was never satisfied with my grades coming from Sister Marilyn who was my art teacher. I remember how girls including me, was into those young bus conductors working for the school buses. I believe one of the younger SAC girl, whose father knows my Dad, married one named Thomas Koh. gossip….gossip…gossip. Those were challenging years for me being in secondary school. I liked Mrs. Kanakarajah a lot as she showed grace, intelligence and humility. I also liked Mrs. Jacobs – primary school teacher, that way. Remember Miss Toh, vocal (singing) teacher? So refine as far as her mannerism goes. The way she talked, sang, walked as though she was a Chinese opera actress. Remembering how she hated when we sang certain words like me (mmeee) and should be me (short and precise). She would turn over in her grave if she heard the singers of today. I discovered makeup and how good I look when I joined the choir. Vanity!
      Remembering Fr. Bata who led some masses. Whenever there were tests or examinations, girls were seen at church to pray for good grades. Bespectacled Miss Loh – primary school teacher, who was tall and thin, held one arm 90degrees with her hand limp as she writes on the chalkboard.
      We had an “ang mo” girl in secondary school who most girls want to befriend. She was a spoiled blondie and she was educated for a few months there. I believe that the nuns and teachers could not tame her wildness. I found Vijaya Nair whose mother taught Math in secondary school online. She worked out of NY a few years back. Her mother passed away many years ago. Vijaya still looks the same. Helen Tessensohn, my first cousin is still Mrs. Ang. I am unsure if she keeps in touch with Maria D Cotta. I also keep the habit of keeping my candy wrappers in my pockets today as we would be written up if found to be littering while in school by the monitors.
      Remember Crystal Tan – I don’t know where she is now. I hated that there were cliques where the Mandarin educated girls did not communicate with the English educated and the girls in A class did not interact with girls in E class etc. sooo degrading! I love the time when my Dad took me home via his motorcycle. BEST! He will be 90years old this August! strong and healthy as an ox.
      I was infatuated with Cliff Richard. Yikes! I hated P.E. throughout my school years and when air-conditioning were in…..ohhh! comfort! I remembered Mr. Quah during my last year of school there. At the point in time, things started to change quickly and drastically – system, staff, etc.Those were the days….my friend!

  38. Elizabeth Yeo Says:

    Hi there, Thanks for your update on SAC. Really nice to reminisce about our good old days. Have been trying to find some friends born in 1960. Like, Agatha Martin, Maria D Cotta, Yvonne Oliveiro, Elizabeth Low. I recall enjoying eating dried noodles with lots of chilli and after eating will queue again for the soup. Enjoyed also participating in the St John’s Ambulance drill competition. Thanks for the memories.

    God Bless

    • Joan Munson Says:

      Hi, I don’t know if you are the sister of Chiquita Yeo or know of Christina Oliveiro. I am an old school girl of SAC. I left Singapore in 1976 and now live in Darwin, Australia. My name is Joan Naden (nee). If you are the right person than I would really like to get in contact with these girls!

      • chiquita Says:

        Hi Joan
        Just happened to find this site… i m now in sydney. Christina Oliveiro is still in Singapore. Contact me at chiqmat@yahoo.com.
        Woukd like to know more about you!

  39. Hoo Soo Kiak Says:

    Thanks for the memories. Today I am very happy cos I found my Primary best friend on facebook. It’s amazing. I hope to find more of my friend from canossa and SAC graduated in 1973 especially Shirley Lee, Catherine Lee, Jenny Er.

  40. Letticia Nilsen-maiden surname Ng Says:

    I had often wonder why I did not keep the year books and now I am out of contact with my schoolmates at all,I had browsed through and it really brings back memories during the school years -up to 1965. I often wish I could contact them and catch up again, I do not remember all of them but I do remember Betty Sng Kheng Lian, Valerie Chee Gan Sim and another girl that stay behind the Old Cathay Cinema-I think she is indian but cannot remember her name and also Tay Yu Moi-I think they are all like me -Grandmother now ,would like to contact with them not I do not know where to look for. I am now staying in Norway for allmost 30 years but do visit Singapore nearly every year.

  41. Magdalene Yong Says:

    My late mother, my aunt staying in Canada and myself all studied in St. Anthony’s Convent Primary and Secondary. The values that the school has taught all of us remain with us even though we are no longer there……

  42. deborah de silva Says:

    Hi, my name is deborah de silva and I attended st anthon’s convent from 1968-1973 and would like to hear from my classmates .I am now living in Townsville,australia and have been here for 20 years.I still hold my beliefs and values that I have learnt from the school and am very proud of it.

  43. deborah de silva Says:

    I attended st,anthony’s convent primary school and still have phtos of my classmates and would very much like to hear from you.Here are sme of the names Belinda danker, Angela De Souza,Angelina Jansen,Bernadette De Souza,Veronica Ng.

  44. tracey ubeyratna Says:

    hi maria!!!. i remember you as maria david. i still have that photo with us acting in merchant of venice:) and guess what? i’m still best friends wit. heather. remember julie dorai, coreen rozario? well we all still meet up:) email me please at traceyjudith@gmail.com

  45. deborah de silva Says:

    Hi ,Fellow students of St Anthony’s convent from 1968-1973,I would like to get in touch with anyone who would like to contact.I am on face book too.

  46. Jasmine Says:

    I graduated from SAC in 1986, and my mum was also an old girl there too. Ok, we’re both oldies now. Wow, thanks for the memories. I regret not keeping my school magazines too. Although the past is hazy but there is an attachment.

    I remember Mrs Manu, Miss Han, Mrs Lopez (English, editorial consultant for school mag), Mrs Kanagarajah (choir), Mrs Chong (fabulous Maths teacher), Mr Quah (used tocall him a slave driver for the tough PE lessons), the formidable Mrs Au (Primary school principal) whose fierce eyes seemed to look into your very soul, the soft spoken Sr Calista (secondary side principal), and so many more colours of our past …

    Any of my old class mates, if you remember Jasmine Bu. Do drop me a line. I’m now in Australia but we can still connect via the virtual highway.


  47. joseph chong Says:

    Hi! I am Joseph. I once had a penpal by the name of Lorine Yim Geok Lan. She was in sec 4 in 1974 in St Anthony’s. When we first started corresponding, she was staying in Block 55, Geyland Baru. The last I met her was sometime in the midst 1990. If I can recall, her husband name is Dennis Ee.

    If anyone of you knows the whereabout of Lorine Yim, please get in touch with me. I can be contacted at: josefchong@yahoo.com/mobile:012-300 3800. Kuala Lumpur

    God Bless…joseph

  48. Vincent Pereira Says:

    My mother was a teacher there and as a child i used to play in the hall and church carpark…but my fondest memories was of the annual cross country run at McRitchie resevoir in 1975,a big thank you to the secondary one girls for the jolly lolly ice cream. i’ve never forgotten it.

    • Lee Peng Says:

      Hi Vincent
      Is your mom the Mrs Pereira who taught Art and ran the Arts club in Sta Anthony’s Convent Secondary School? I graduated in 1975.
      She probably know me as Lee Peng.

    • esther koh Says:

      Hi Vincent
      Mrs Pereira was my sec 1B form teacher in 1972 and i was also in the art club. She is very kind. I learnt to paint from her. I was a very quiet good student. I remember her with fondness.
      Koh Hwa Peng

  49. Darren Leong Says:

    Hi there, thank you for this wonderful blog.

    Just would like to share with SAC alumni that my grandmother, Mrs Theresa Leong, former teacher and principal of SAC (Pri), passed away peacefully on 12 Apr 2011, with the funeral mass celebrated on 16 Apr (9am at Holy Family Church).

    We have been touched by the many sharings and stories by her ex-students and colleagues.

    We have set up a facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_213735251971806 – as a place where we can continue to celebrate and share mama’s life. Please do join and share!

    God bless,
    Darren Leong

    • Angeline Lee (aka Pcangel) Says:

      Hi, I’d forgotten about writing a comment on this blog, way back in 2008, no less. I wonder if the Margaret Ong in the posts on this blog used to stay at Jalan Membina. I would love to get in touch with her. I was at SAC from 1967-1972(primary) and 1973-74(secondary).

  50. sherry Says:

    I wasn’t from the middle road but the bedok compound; though I’ve graduated ages ago, I feel so young here haha. Reading through all the comments makes me miss those dear, dear days again. What wouldn’t I give for another normal morning at the festival court singing hymns and flipping through the hymn book to find the prayer of the day D; If only time could rewind…

    And thank you so much for this wonderful blog.

  51. Robert Lam Wai Yeng Says:

    Hi All, I am a old friend of Miss. Dprothy Yue Mei Keng, in the 1960’s she stayed in River Valley Road, few doors aways now the famous Boon Tiong Kee Chicken Rice restaurant. I had lost contact with her and hope get in-touch with her. She was with SAC in year 1961/02 sec 3 class.
    Anyone know where about her please pass this email address to her: waikiki@singnet.com.sg or 98182320.
    Her last known address was in Commonwealth Dr or Crescent.
    Thank you,
    Robert Lam

  52. Mary lorette netto Says:

    I was there from 1962 to 1972 and in 1972 in class 4d

    • shirley Looi Says:

      Hi Mary,

      I am not sure but I think I was in sec 4 in 1972, I can’t remember your name but perhaps you may remember mine Shirley Beng Hieo LOOI. It is with regret that I have no year books as when my parents moved they didn’t save them as I have been living in Sydney since 1975. Pls email me at shirley.looi@uts.edu.au if you can shed some light would be appreciated.

  53. Robert Lam Wai Yeng Says:

    Hi Miss. Mary Lorette Netto,
    Thanks for your response, In 1962 Dorothy Yue was in sec 3 class and you may be in primary 1 or 2, there is little chance you know each others.
    Anyone out there happen to know Dorothy Yue, please help to pass my contact to her.
    Thank you.
    Robert Lam

  54. shirley Looi Says:

    Hi, I was in class of 72, in the time I replied on Mary Loretto Netto blog, she got straight in touch with me and manage to pass my details on to 5 other of our classmates. It’s nearly 40 years since I last saw any of my classmates and tomorrow I will see Mary and Sunday I get to see Val. The timing is just so perfect if it was any later I wouldn’t have caught up with them. So hopefully, anyone reading this, will open up to more reunion. A 40 year reunion in 2012 would be such a blast. So keep the communication going Val, Marlene, Virginia, Mary and Sudah. xoxoxo

  55. Stephanie Tay Says:

    Hi, I’m Stephanie, formerly known as Wan Boon in my younger days. I graduated from SAC in1986. If any of you remembers me, do drop me a line!

  56. Diana Soh Says:

    Oh, please! There were good memories, and there were bad memories. Some of the teachers were mean. Mrs. Ang was one of them. And Mrs. Kanakarajah? Sure, she’s nice if you were cool and musically talented.

    I think you are all over-romantising the memories.

    • Anastasia Tessensohn Warzak Says:

      Wow! Such devotion and openness! No doubt there are always the bad and good in our life but putting a positive spin on the distant past is no sin 🙂

    • Geraldine Choo Says:

      Hi, is this Diana Soh Bee Leng? If you are, well I am one of the “mean” gals who will “bully” you yet we were considered good friends as well! Hahaha.. (Siew Wah)

  57. Lynette Leong Says:

    Can anyone please assist me how i can find my sister whom i’ve never met. I understand she was given to the CHIJMES Orphanage in 1950? Where and how? please leave message @ lynette101010@gmail,com

  58. Lynette Leong Says:

    Any assistance would be much appreciated!

  59. Christopher Says:

    HI, I am looking to get in touch with the “Hon” sisters who studied in SAC back in the 70s…Annie Hon, Jenny Hon and Susan Hon….if anyone know where they are, please send me an email sparhawk699@hotmail.com Thanks.

  60. Brandon Ying Says:


    My Grandmother used to teach at SAC when it was still in Middle Road, Agnes Ying is her name.

    • Tina De Payva Says:

      She was my teacher. There were 2 De Payva sisters in her classroom. Does she remember us? I would love to hear from her . My sister’ s name is Veneus and she is living in UK. My younger sister Ann may have been in her class too!

  61. Tina De Payva Says:

    Tina De Payva
    I am looking for Jacqueline Low. There are. 3 other sisters, Linda, Elizabeth and Bernadette. I was living in England, until 1992 when I moved to the States. I am now living in the Pacific North-West, the state of Washington. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me!

    • Anastasia Tessensohn Warzak Says:

      Hello Tina, Did you reach Jacqueline? I am Elizabeth’s cousin and the Low sisters are doing well. Their youngest sister is Deborah, not Bernadette. Jacqueline has a candlemaking business in Singapore for years now and her sisters are married.

      • Tina De Payva-Bollman Says:

        Hello there,

        I just realized that I may have given out an old e-mail address. No, I have not heard from Jackie yet. Yes, your are correct, Deborah is the youngest. My sister Ann was a classmate of Elizabeth. Ann still lives in England. She will be visiting us her in WA. sometime in August.
        I am almost certain that I may have met you sometime. It has been years now. I left Singapore in 1979. Take care.

  62. Karen Nar Says:

    My last year in SAC was in 1976. I was half way thru Secondary 2 and my teacher was Mrs. Yoeh. Till this day, I still remembered what and how the old SAC looks like. I’m surprised to learn that SAC has moved. I now lives in America. My classmates were Selena, Janagi, Siew Meng. Min Ying and others that I vividly don’t quite remember their names, but, their faces still clouds my mind. I so happened to google my old school and I thought it’s a nice thought to put my thoughts in here.

  63. Lynette Leong Says:

    Hi, can anyone help! i’m tracking a missing sister whom was left at the orphanage CHJMES in 1950. Name Lim Soo Moy ? born in 1950? I’ll shortly be in Singapore Sept 2013.

  64. Deborah De Silva Says:

    Hi fellow students of St Anthony’s Convent Primary school from 1968-1973,My name is Deborah De Silva I would very much like to get in touch with you,Please email me @debbie61@westnet.com.au

  65. Esther Says:

    I was a student over at St Anthony’s Convent Primary School located at Middle Road from 1990 – 1994. I would love to get in touch with all my fellow classmates back then and especially three very special Sisters – Sister Louisa Lim, Sister Angela and Sister Marianne. They were the ones that left a very great impact while I was in SAC Middle Road. Please drop me an email if you know where they are. Appreciate with many thanks. email me @ aquariesther@yahoo.com

  66. Deborah De Silva- Hollyman Says:

    Hi Angela,Now that you have found me, please do not drift away.Keep in touch and if you can find any more of our friends ,please send them my email and I am so stoked to have finally found you, my dear friend

  67. Deborah De Silva- Hollyman Says:

    Hi fellow students of the years between 1968-1973 at St Anthony’s Convent ,Please get in touch with me.I would really love to hear from you all.

  68. Deborah De Silva- Hollyman Says:

    HI Lee Peng, it’s so nice to hear from you, did you use to stand or sit in our class photos and did you have a christian name.Anyway, I had Miss De Silva who taught me in Primary one and three and Miss Lee who eas so strict that i did like at all ,LOL, She is now living in Brisbane, Australia which is where i am living too

  69. Deborah De Silva- Hollyman Says:

    LeePeng, Do u remember Dawn Kanakarajah and angela koh who used to live at Jalan Membina

  70. Deborah De Silva- Hollyman Says:

    Doe anyone know how i can get in touch with dianne

  71. Deborah De Silva- Hollyman Says:

    Does anybody know the kanakarajah still lives in Singapore as i am looking for Dawn who was in my class in one of those years.If you have her address , can u please email me or send me a facebook message, thanks

  72. Deborah De Silva- Hollyman Says:

    Hi Margaret, I sure do remember the good old days on Good Friday when families meet on that day and i really do miss it as we do not do that here in australia and yes, i do remember the oily man that was on the ceiling or roof of St joseph’s church band we used to watch it and the was asked by thnuns to go inside.That was scary at that time.

  73. Deborah De Silva- Hollyman Says:

    Hi maria, i do remember all the names of girls and teachers you have mentioned on the blog.Do u know how i can contact pushpa and angelina

  74. Deborah De Silva- Hollyman Says:

    Can anyone tell me more about miss De Silva who taught me in primary 1 and 3 and also Mrs.chin who taught me in primary 5.I love these teachers and haven’t forgotten about them

  75. Deborah De Silva- Hollyman Says:

    Hey Maria, r u in any way related to Miss De Silva who i beieve has the same surname as yours

  76. Deborah De Silva- Hollyman Says:

    please send me an email if you have the emails or facebooks address of all those i have mentiond above i..I will be eternally grateful.Thank you

  77. Deborah De Silva- Hollyman Says:

    Sorry gals, I am now living in Townsville and not Brisbane, Qld and i graduated in 1973 in primary 6 and went to another school to complete my studies

  78. Deborah De Silva- Hollyman Says:

    IHi all, I was wondering if i could by any chance my year books from 1968-1973 when i attended the primary school, Thanks

  79. Qifen Says:

    I like to be in touch with my SAC classmates 1977-1982.

    I am thinking of Vivian Tang, Lilian Lim, Lim Yan Hong, Julicina, Kathleena Koh Soo Lim, Muthu, Margeret Fong Wei Yan, Miss N. Ng , Jean Ho, Lay Peng, Anabell, Sharon Seetho, Jane Lee, Shirley Loh, Josephine song, Nani Wong, Lock Kum, Marilyn, Wye Chuey Fun, Pang Wai Lan, Susan Ng (Su Yen), Tay choon Ngee, Lilian Sng, Tham May Leng, Sandra Ross, Seok Hui, Mong Chuan Fong, Jia Huay, and etc……

    Please leave me a message. Thank you!

  80. Deborah De Silva- Hollyman Says:

    Hi Lee Peng, I waS wondering if do you have your old year books from 1968-1973,could you pls upload it onto your facebook and post it so that I could look at them and are you in contact with anyone of the ones you have mentioned above or you can email it to me, Thank you

  81. Deborah De Silva- Hollyman Says:

    Lee Ping, Were in the primary or secondary school during 1968-1973

  82. Alyssa Says:

    Hi:)) I am currently an SAC secondary student from sec 3 studying at the lovely refurbished Bedok campus. It’s nice to read all about the wonderful experiences the alumni have had at Middle road. I stumbled upon this blog while searching for pictures of the old campus which I have always wanted to see and now I know how it looks like hehehe.

  83. Sue Alahendra Says:

    Sue Alahendra. I completed Sec 4 at St Anthony’s Convent in 1966. I can remember my classmates Ivy Singh & Yap Hai Yan in Primary School. Miss Nanayakara was the Principal then. My Pr 1 teacher was Mrs Holmberg and in Sec 1, I had Mrs Jacobs who was so kind to me.

  84. Sue Alahendra Says:

    Mrs Tan was my Sec 4 teacher. I remember her telling us that teaching was not a fun job but then I ended up as a Primary School teacher from 1967-1980.

  85. Sue Alahendra Says:

    Any former students from 1956-1966?

    • Diana Poh choo vasey Says:

      Didn’t u have an older sister who taught at sac? I left there 1966 too.

      • Sue Alahendra Says:

        Hi Diana. I do remember a Poh Choo in my class. I can’t remember the face though. Don’t think my older sister was a teacher there. I had 3 older sisters who studied there too.
        Who was your Sec 4 form teacher?

    • Diana Poh choo vasey Says:

      Mother carmen. After I left sac I joined nursing . Then I got married and now lives in London . there was a teacher with same surname as you. Do u remember that?

      • Sue Alahendra Says:

        Hi Diana. Thanks for your reply. My Sec 4 teacher was Mrs Tan…..if I remember correctly. She was an excellent teacher. I did 3 years TTC and graduated as a Pr Sch teacher for 13 years in Siglap Pr Sch. I resigned in 1980 and went to study in Bible College in Surrey & Hertfordshire in the UK for 3 years. I pastured a small church in Singapore and then went to Thailand as a missionary in 1986. I am married and I now live in Brisbane, Australia. Am still working in Thailand.

    • Diana Poh choo vasey Says:

      Hi sue did u see my reply?

  86. Chan Sow Fong Says:

    Looking for former pre-u 1&2 from 1971-1972?

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