Sg Runners

There are numerous running clubs that have sprouted over time in Singapore. All for the simple purpose of gathering like-minded people who share an interest of simply putting one foot forward followed by the other and the other…running.

In the recent North Face 100 race and the New Balance Real Run, some runners have uploaded some photos of these events to share with the running community and the public.

SGRunners.COM is an online running portal which aims to bring together runners based in Singapore. Its objective is to link all Singapore running enthusiasts in one website and provide them with information as well as a platform to exchange tips and pointers on running, give updates on forthcoming local and overseas running events, motivate one another to attain their running goals, as well as build up friendships among those who enjoy the simple pleasures and healthy rewards of running.

You may browse the photos that were taken in some recent runnig events or perhaps join their forum for some running tips which you have been searching for an answer

Here’s the site of the photo gallery of SgRunners. Are you prepared for the coming Standard Chartered Marathon which will be held on Sunday 7th Dec 2008? Slightly more than a month before race day. It is expected to draw an even larger pool of foreign marathoners to this annual event. Read the article from The Straits Times Interactive on “Marathon draw foreigners”. Hydrate well and have a good rest for that eventful day. See you at the start line.


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