Apollo 11

“That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” The words uttered by Neil Armstrong when he took the first step on the surface of the Moon on 20th July 1969. As part of a 3-man team, the other two astronauts were Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin, the spacecraft Apollo 11 landed on the Moon and made history.

From this historical feat, toy manufacturers created toys of the spacecraft Apollo 11, which is a bit of history by now.

^ Apollo 11, battery powered.

^ Measuring about 50cm, powering up Apollo 11 with 4AA size batteries will see the spacecraft travel horizontally for about 2 feet before coming to a halt. A lever slowly raises the nose of the spacecraft pointing upwards adopting the take-off position. Red lights will start to flash and some whirring noises can be heard that simulate take-off. It will last for about 15 seconds before the lever retracts that brings the spacecraft back to a horizontal position. It will make an about turn, travel for about 2 feet, and the take-off process begins again.

^ Not manufactured nor designed by NASA. Rather, it is from a Japanese toy manufacturer.

If you have thinking of becoming an astronaut, perhaps this link to NASA homepage will provide an insight to realising your dream of that spacewalk.


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