Beginnings at Telok Ayer

Located along Telok Ayer Street, a huge Chinese Temple known as Thian Hock Keng Temple comes into view. Known as being one of Singapore’s oldest Chinese temples, it was built by the early Chinese immigrants who came to Singapore to seek a better life. The temple was built in dedication to Ma Cho Po – Goddess of the Sea, for a safe sea passage. If you walk along the exterior perimeter of the temple along Boon Tat Street towards the intersection with Amoy Street, you will find a quiet cove that gives an insight of the early settlers in Telok Ayer.

^ A heritage signboard showing the map of Chinatown Historic District. It will enable you to find you way to historical places around Chinatown.

^ In the quiet cove surrounded by trees and shrubs, a panel describing the early beginnings at Telok Ayer.

^ Chinese figurines in a procession. The attire of samfoo and the hair tied into a pigtail.

^ Chinese Processions.

^ Indian settlers also communed at Telok Ayer.

^ Indian milk traders of Telok Ayer.

If you happen to visit Thian Hock Keng temple, do take a quiet stroll to this little cove that speaks volumes of the history of Telok Ayer. You may also refer to the Chinatown Historic District map to plan your next walkabout destination.


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