Tampines MTB Trail

Waking up to a lazy Sunday last weekend, I decided to explore the Tampines MTB Trail on my 2-wheeler. There was much talked about the Tampines MTB Trail in a recent endurance race event among mountain bikers.

^ Narrow pedestrian pavement and lush greenery greets you as you approach the Tampines MTB Trail start-point.

^ Sighted this little feathered friend perched among the trees at the entrance to the start-point.

^ At the entrance, you will come to a large open gravelled area where it acts as a car-park and meeting point for biking enthusiasts.

^ Map showing the network of trails. The degree of difficulty range from flat trails for beginners to extremely difficult ones for the more advanced bikers.

^ I embarked on the easier trails where it took me along the route across wide open fields.

^ You may come across some of these trees bearing a form of seed pods like the ones above.

^ A little stream that was a refreshing sight.

^ A blue dragonfly zipping from one leaf stalk to another.

^ Commonly known as the “pond-skater”, this insect skims across the surface of the water making it looks as if it is skating on the pond.

^ Making its way across grains of gravel, pebbles and sand.

^ A pavillion to rest those tired legs after all that pedalling.

^ As you cycle deeper into the network of trails, the vegetation becomes denser with trees & shrubs lining both sides of the trail.

^ Some of the main trails branches off to narrower ones like the one above. This would be for the more advanced cyclists to tackle such a route. Safety helmet should be worn at all times.

^ In the dense vegetation, you may chance upon the common tree lizard lounging around on a lazy Sunday morning.

^ A knoll situated within the MTB course. Some of the trails leading up to the top has such narrow trails strewn with granite and rocks that dismounting from your bike and push it up the steep slope is a better option. You don’t want to get injured.

^ A panoramic view from the peak of the knoll.

^ A cyclist cranking hard on the pedals climbing the slippery gravel track.

^ A while later…a pair of cyclists riding out from the narrow trails to the main gravel track making their way uphill to the peak.

^ Moments later, another pair of cyclists emerged from the jungle trail cycling towards the gravel track climbing to the peak.

^ Taking in the surrounding view. Only a table and chair to take a breather. No drinks stall though. It is important that you bring along your own water-bottle.

^ As it became unbearably hot towards late morning, it was time to make my way home…easier on the downhill but control the bike at all times. You won’t want to rumble and tumble downhill.

It was a great way to enjoy the morning in the form of cycling and photography at the same time. Only a section of the course was explored. Perhaps another weekend to explore other sections of the Tampines MTB Trail.


8 Responses to “Tampines MTB Trail”

  1. yg Says:

    og, did your little feathered friend follow you from pasir ris mangrove boardwalk to tmb trail? must check out this interesting place. can i ride an ordinary road bike along this trail?

  2. ordinary guy Says:

    Hi YG,

    I think it could be another birdie relative that happens to reside at Tampines MTB area. The easy trails would not be a problem for road bikes except that certain surface areas though flat could be gravel. So if the bike has no suspension, then be prepared for some bone-shaking sensation when your bum constantly hit against the saddle. For climbing slopes, I guess it depends if you allow your road bike to be subjected to all the hard rocks and knocks. It was more of a nature walk, photography and cycling all thrown into one. Hope you enjoy the experience and perhaps share with us in your blog. Cheerio.

  3. Lam Chun See Says:

    Nice pictures. Thanks for sharing. Too bad I don’t mtb and will not be able to explore this place.

  4. ordinary guy Says:

    Hi Lam,

    Though you may not MTB, perhaps a stroll around the area could be a great way to explore the surroundings as well. Cheerio.

  5. YZZ Says:

    I never knew there were such places in SG and in Tamp? Is it even accesible?

  6. YZZ Says:

    I want to go there but! thing is, I live all the way in the West and Tamp is all the way in the East and I can’t take the bike on the MRT! Oh god…HAHA!! Maybe when I shift house, I’ll go somewhere east.

    It’s surprising that it doesnt look like Singapore at all! I can come here and live my dream of becoming Lance Armstrong!!!!

    You’ve got some great pictures too!

  7. YZZ Says:

    btw, i dont think anyone is interested in setting up a drink stall in such a remote area…HAHAHA!
    What contrast!! of the foreground and the background of flats…


  8. rangersmurf Says:

    Like the pictures of the plants and wildlife.

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