Singapore’s Southern Ridges

The Southern Ridges is a 9km chain of open spaces that spans across the hills of Mount Faber Park, Telok Blangah Hill Park and Kent Ridge Park ending at West Coast Park. Across these ridges, you can see the rich flora and fauna as well as a superb panoramic view of the city, harbour and the Southern Islands. Here are some photos of the scenery taken along the Marang Trail, Mount Faber Park and Henderson Waves.

^ You can begin your walk/jog along the Southern Ridges by alighting at Harbour Front MRT station. Make your way out of the station and walk a few paces along Marang Road and you will come to a signboard displaying the map of the Southern Ridges.

^ Caution!!

^ The Marang Trail is about 0.8 km and a lesiure stroll will take about 15 minutes. The footpath along the trail is lined with thick undergrowth on both sides. The ascension along this trail covers an elevation of 70 metres which is about the equivalent to a 24-storey building. Huff and puff!!

^ Out of Marang Trail onto Faber Walk.

^ The distance of Faber Walk is about 1.0 km which takes about 15 minutes walking time. Faber Walk meanders through Mount Faber Park which is one of the oldest parks in Singapore.

^ From the pavillion on Mount Faber, you can look through these binoculars to zoom at any part of the panoramic view.

^ The cable-car linking Mount Faber all the way to Sentosa. You may recall the the cable-car tragedy of 1983 caused by the oil-rig called Eniwetok. Here’s some information of the Singapore Cable-Car Tragedy.

^ Rain clouds loomed high above.

^ The Jewel Box.

^ A city skyline seen from atop Mount Faber. From the phamphlet published by NParks, here are 3 things you may not know about Mount Faber.

1. The celebrated Radin Mas Princess was slain and buried at the foot of Mt Faber. A small shrine (Radin Mas Keramat) still stands today in her memory.
2. Somewhere near the foot of Mt Faber is a 2m tombstone where a Japanese Naval Officer is said to be buried there.
3. The Danish Seaman’s Church (formerly known as Golden Bell Mansion), which stands in Pender Road on the mid level of Mt Faber, was built in 1909. Chinese revolutionary leader Dr Sun Yat Sen, stayed the night there.

^ The section of Faber Walk ends where Henderson Waves begins.

^ Henderson Waves is Singapore’s highest pedestrian bridge.

^ The wave-like structure of Henderson Waves.

^ Henderson Waves spans across Henderson Road connecting Mount Faber Park to Telok Blangah Hill.

^ Beautifully designed.

^ Colourful flowers. It was an edited photograph by creating a greater degree of shadows to darken the background to bring out the colours of the petals.

^ Above sea level.

^ Ride the waves.

^ Directory of the Southern Ridges.

I have only completed a small section of Singapore’s Southern Ridges. There are still more to go…Hilltop Walk, Forest Walk, Alexandra Arch, Hort Park, and Canpy Walk. I will plan to cover the rest in good time. Meanwhile, you may want to consider covering the Southern Ridges making it a family outing together during this mid-year school holidays…and don’t forget to bring along your camera and snap away.


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  1. Icemoon Says:

    I want to find the (dead) Japanese Naval officer!

    Nice introduction to the Southern Ridges. I actually ‘holland’ on my first visit. -_-

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