Birdie Breakfast

Two Sundays ago while cycling at Pasir Ris Park, a series of loud squawking stopped me dead in the midst of my pedalling. It was definitely the sounds from some birds. Curious to find out the source, I dismounted and walked quietly to a tree where the squawking was heard.

^ At first glance, one feathered friend was spotted.

^ Then, two appeared. Both were busy having their breakfast and do not seemed perturbed by the close proximity of my presence.

^ Its sharp claws grasped the seed pod while its beaks cracked open the pod to reach the seeds inside.

^ The marks on the seed pods can be seen after all that pecking.

^ There were actually three of them. You can spot the third that was partially hidden by the clump of seed pods.

^ A hearty Sunday morning breakfast.


I have no knowledge in the identifications of bird species except for the common ones. Perhaps if there are any ornithologist out there who can provide some information or useful links on its name, feeding habits, and habitat. Many thanks.

4 Responses to “Birdie Breakfast”

  1. Lam Chun See Says:

    Wow, nice photos. Much nicer than the one I took of a very similar looking bird outside my window. If its the same bird, it’s called Yellow-crested Cockatoo.

  2. ordinary guy Says:

    I was lucky to have photographed it at such close proximity given that I am using my point-and-shoot camera. The birds were perched on the branches and paid no heed while I was stood under the tree photographing them. According to the ornithologist, this specie is known as the Tanimbar Corella.

    If your are into birding or like to know more, you may check out the Bird Ecology Study Group. Perhaps you can contribute some of your bird photos to share with others.

  3. Lam Chun See Says:

    Oh I already have a link to BES site from my blog. In fact I have contributed a couple of articles to their blog. That was when birds come a nest in my garden.

  4. Bird Ecology Study Group » Tanimbar Corella eating golden shower fruits Says:

    […] Goh Yesterday…Today…Tomorrow June […]

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