All that is left…stumps



2 Responses to “All that is left…stumps”

  1. Icemoon Says:

    Wow, so the stump is on the shadow. I think that is a camp behind right? And how many people are there in the picture?

  2. ordinary guy Says:

    Hi Icemoon,

    Your are right. The tree looks fully grown looking by the thickness of its girth. Only when you see the shadows that you realise that it has been chopped. There are 3 workers. One is partially hidden.

    Actually, my intention was to take the dust particles created by the chainsaw but my point-and-shoot camera do not have zoom capability to get the image any nearer. So I decided to change the format of taking the tree but only if the viewer realise from the shadows that it is a stump.

    The photo was taken in Changi and the background is a restricted area.

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