Shots of F1 Night Race 2009

Sharing with you some photos of the Formula 1 cars in action.

^ The Button from Britain. Jensen Button in his Brawn Mercedes.

^ Button negotiating the curves.

^ A view from the cockpit in the hot-seat.

^ Renault at the sharp bend.

^ Burning rubber.

^ Lewis Hamilton of McLaren Mercedes taking the victory podium.

And in case if you are wondering which part of the circuit these photos were taken, I wasn’t physically at the Marina circuit. Unable to afford the admission fees, it was just a dream to capture the action while sitting in front of my television set with my camera mounted on a tripod.

One Response to “Shots of F1 Night Race 2009”

  1. diligo Says:

    nothing beats being on the track dude…but then you will realize one thing that your lens is too short. lol.

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