Cathay cinema

cathay cinema
^ Memories of movies at Cathay.

^ Enchanting glow.

4 Responses to “Cathay cinema”

  1. Sharifah Says:

    My mother worked for the Cathay Organisation. The office was in the building on the original Cathay theatre.

    Sometime, she would give us tickets and we would see the movies, buying prawn balls and kerupuk (crackers) at the kiosk before we go in. Sometimes, we would wait in the lobby for her at the end of a working day. So many warm, lasting memories associated with the building for me.

  2. Mike Yue Says:

    Do you have a DVD or copy of the movie ‘Theft Beauty’ taken and shown in 1961?

  3. ordinary guy Says:

    Hi Mike,

    That’s way back in the 60’s. No, I do not have a copy of the DVD of the movie title.

  4. sweetpea212 Says:

    I used to live in Cathay Towers.

    At that time, there was a metal rotating platform in the car park roadway. The space was too narrow to turn your car around to exit, so that metal disc platform was installed. How it worked is, you drove your car onto it and the car weight and motion cased the disc to rotate verrrry slowly. Of course you could give your car a push or get the kids to do it… a fun game for children, and more convenient for parents.

    There was a soda fountain on the 2nd. or 3rd. floor too. Ice cream sodas and sundaes, plus Milo, Ribena and Horlicks. Cathay showed most of the Disney films, from what I remember.

    Fond memories indeed.

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