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Protect our environment

October 26, 2009

protect our environment


Rays of Hope

July 10, 2009

^ Pasir Ris Park (Snapped on Fri 10th July 2009)

Pasir Ris Mangrove Boardwalk

May 9, 2009

A cool morning stroll at Pasir Ris Mangrove Boardwalk after it rained.

























Perhaps if you happen to visit the boardwalk, you may see more than what I have seen.

Lose Fin or Lose Face?

May 10, 2008


In any typical chinese wedding, having shark’s fin soup as one of the dishes served to wedding guests, is considered a status symbol.

‘Most of the couples’ parents consider this dish a premium and without it, they would lose face,’ said Mandarin Oriental’s communications director Ruth Soh.

Read the full text on Shark’s fin: S’pore takes a much bigger bite from today’s Straits Times Interactive.

Do you consider if serving other dishes as a replacement of shark’s fin considered losing face?

Where did the toilet paper come from?

April 22, 2008


By now, most citizens and netizens would have been aware of the lapses that attributed to the escape of Mas Selamat from WRDC as shown in the Executive Summary Report provided by the Deputy PM and Minister of Home Affairs. Read the story.

The lapses base on the report were:

The lapses include a window with no grilles, guards who failed in their duties and CCTV cameras that were not commissioned. These cameras were neither recording nor actively monitored.

In the report also mentioned:

A packet of seven rolls of toilet paper found on the ground next to the wall could have been used to cushion his fall.

I’m not sure how much toilet paper were found at the scene but I do not think it would be just a few sheets of the the pocket-size tissue paper that cost 30cents you buy from the coffeeshop Ah Chek. How do you actually cushion a fall with a few palm-size sheets of tissue paper. So base on the report provide, it would probably be toilet paper in rolls and seven rolls of them. Perhaps my imagination is running wild. I can imagine Mas Selamat having each roll of toilet paper wrapped around the critical joints consisting of his left and right elbow, left and right knees, left and right ankles. Looks like a fully padded inline skater decked with all the protective equipment to minimise injuries. The last roll would probably be used to wipe the dirt off before he continued with his escape. Or perhaps it could be just one big packet with seven rolls of toilet paper inside and hugging it like a pillow and use it to cushion his fall.

Now where will a detainee have access to such an undisclosed amount of toilet paper?

Please help to preserve our eco-environment which is progressively being damaged by Saving Gaia (“Gaia” Greek for Mother Earth). Do your part in recycling.


January 18, 2008


Singaporeans to have a heads-up on this article. A new strain of viral disease called Chikungunya, transmitted by the Aedes mosquito has been detected. Read the story at Channel News Asia. Adopt measures to prevent mosquito breeding.

Take a walk in the park

December 8, 2007

Oh NO!! Not another 42km distance again? You guessed right. But this time round, it is not the gruelling marathon we are talking about. Rather, it is the distance connecting the parks located in the eastern parts of Singapore. Known as the Eastern Coastal Park Connector Network, it stretches for a distance of 42km linking East Coast, Bedok Reservoir and Changi. With such park connectors, there is no worry about having to step onto roads with vehicular traffic. It’s time to bring our your bicycles or inline skates to enjoy the outdoors again. For the marathoner, this will be your trials for preparing the marathon distance of 42.195km. More news from Channel News Asia about the Eastern Coastal Park Connect Network and the vodcast from Straits Times.

Jalan Kayu Trail

November 30, 2007

Blogging may not necessarily be a waste of time posting articles of useless trivia. A group of students from Pei Hwa Secondary School made use of the blog as a platform to document the history and discoveries in and around Jalan Kayu where their school is situated to share with readers. Read more about the Jalan Kayu Trail.

Saving Gaia

November 29, 2007

saving gaia

“Gaia” in Greek means “Earth”. You have heard about the worldwide ongoing efforts to save our planet earth. From our little efforts of “BYOB” – bring your own bag when you go to the market instead of using up more plastic bags to commercial means in the form of hybrid vehicles which releases minimum exhaust fumes, lets do our little part for our planet, no matter how insignificant it seems to be.

Have fun playing the game Saving Gaia and learn a bit more about recycling.


November 21, 2007

Mandai to be turned into Asia’s top nature spot. Catch the news at Channel News Asia