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Adidas Sundown Marathon 2009

June 2, 2009

By now, you may have read in the papers of a recent race event that took place on the evening of last Saturday 30th May 2009. It was the Adidas Sundown Marathon 2009 which was into its second year, 2008 being its first. Besides the Team event, Womens 10K and the standard marathon distance of 42.195km, there was a group consisting of 602 runners that participated in the 84km Ultramarathon. The standard marathon distance already demands a lot from a runner. Imagine the distance that these runners had to cover, from Changi to Tuas and back…on foot. It was no easy feat to accomplish. But for these runners in every way ordinary folks like you and me, they possess an unbreakable spirit that led them to the finish line.

^ As I waited for the bus at 10.30pm on Sat 30th May 2009 to bring me to Changi, Ultramarathoners were seen passing the 36km mark on their first loop of the 84km journey after having been flagged-off earlier at 7pm . A lady with a placard waited anxiously at the bus-stop to cheer her husband in the race.

^ Bright lights and blaring music at the startpoint. Pretty deserted as runners in the Ultramarathon, Team Challenge and Women’s 10km has been flagged-off earlier in the evening and have completed their race segment. At 12’midnight, this place was filled with a hive of activity as the full marathon began.

^ After my race, it was time to spend a while near where I stayed to cheer on the Ultramarathoners. At 8am Sun 31st May 2009 when the following photos were taken, it was 13 hours since their flagged-off at 7pm the previous night. Ultramarathoners passing the 78km mark. A body in perpetual motion, their mood was all written on their faces.

^ Ultramarathoners wore blue number tags. A runner’s sense of elation with 6km more to go.

^ Taking a breather to stretch those tired limbs to get through the pain barrier. As the sun rises, another barrier appeared – heat.

^ Definitely a much easier mode of covering the long ardous distance.

^ Experiencing sweet victory that is about to come.

^ Still going on strong with every step.

^ Exhaustion, fatigue and the heat has sapped the runner to a walk. 6km more to go can easily be magnified to become an insurmountable task. Dehydration, heat, humidity, abrasions, blisters, pain…the list goes on.

^ Cool runner.

^ Managing a smile…that’s the spirit.

^ Ordinary people, Extraordinary feat.

^ An encouragement by just saying “You can do it! Keep it up!” will surely light up the faces of runners who otherwise will be trudging on a long and lonely path.

^ Keeping the pace.

^ Running buddies.

^ When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.

^ One of women Ultramarathoners.

^ We do everything together…well almost. Supporting her beau in the Ultramarathon.

^ Many hours spent on a long and lonely road during training days just for this day. Pounding the pavement quietly to accomplish one objective – to complete the gruelling distance.

It will almost be close to 10am on Sunday morning nearing the cut-off time. Runners in the Team and Womens 10K would have got a restful sleep after having completed their race the night before. For most 42.195km marathoners, the majority are making their way home after having completed their race in the early hours of Sunday morning.

For these Ultramarathoners, there won’t be much cheers nor fanfare at the finish line except to be given a finisher’s t-shirt and a medal to remember the ardous journey they have completed. Theirs is the unbreakable spirit that puts them in the ranks of the Ultramarathoners. To them, Nothing Is Impossible.


Sesame Street @ Marina Square

November 18, 2008

Sesame Street, a production of the CTW (Children’s Television Workshop), is an educational programme widely watched by children and adults alike still remains popular today. Learning the alphabets, numbers, phonics, counting, spelling, all weaved into an excited and fun-filled television song and activity programme captivates the attention of the children. Remember Big Bird, Ernie and Bert, Cookie Monster, Oscar the grouch, Grover, Elmo…

^ The street that we enjoyed growing up in by watching it on television.

From 22 Nov to 7 Dec 2008, Sesame Street will be coming to town at Marina Square. Passing by the atrium, workmen were seen busy setting up the stage and props that will be the venue for the duration of the performances.

^ Putting the final touches.

^ Can you remember their names? Who was your favourite character?

^ Warning! A toy that would put much cheer and laughter on the face of a child.

^ Surely you can’t miss the address of No.123 Sesame Street.

Following are two videoclips that will refresh your memory of the popular song sung by Bob describing the people in your neighbourhood while Count Dracula does what he does best…count.

New World Record by Usain Bolt in 200m finals

August 20, 2008

In the line-up of the top 8 athletes for the finals of the Olympic Men’s 200m held a while ago, Usain Bolt of Jamaica practically blitzed through the race track like a bolt of lightning setting a new world record of 19.30secs for the 200m finals. What phenomenal speed a human can achieve. More news on this race will be out in the newspapers and media on the lightning bolt from Jamaica.

Singapore’s Feng is through into the last 16

August 20, 2008

A piece of good news that just came in. Perhaps Singapore has a chance at the shot for another Olympic medal in the Women’s Table Tennis Singles event.

Singapore’s Feng Tianwei on Wednesday beat South Korea’s Dang Ye-seo in the third round of table tennis women’s singles in the Beijing Olympics.

Sixth-seed Feng, fresh from winning a silver for Singapore in the team event, was rarely troubled against Dang, winning 11-4 11-5 11-3 11-5.

Earlier Wednesday, Singapore’s Yang Zi triumphed 4-2 over Portugal’s Marcos Freitas in the men’s singles second round.

Yang beat Marcos 11-4 6-11 2-11 11-3 11-9 11-6. ~ Channel News Asia.

A nation’s Olympic Dream

August 16, 2008

(Source: AFP)

For those who were watching the live coverage televised yesterday afternoon of the Olympics table-tennis semi-final match between Singapore and South Korea, there could be moments where you may have been holding on to the edge of your seats as paddlers from both countries battle each other for a berth in the finals. After a drought of 48 years when the only Singapore Olympic medal winner, Tan Howe Liang, who won silver in the weightlifting event in the Rome Olympics in 1960, the Singapore women’s team brought hopes and joys to many hearts as Singapore’s Feng Tianwei beat South Korea’s Park My Yong in the deciding match that will now allow Singapore to have a shot at the Olympic Gold. Here’s some breaking news of the match.

A medal for Singapore finally!.

Singapore on to the FINALS!.

Live @ Table Tennis Semis

August 15, 2008

Singapore is fighting for every point against South Korea in the table-tennis semi-finals to gain a berth in the finals. At this moment, the score stands at 1-1. Straits Time press, Marc Lim brings you the news live from Beijing. Catch the excitement at Live @ table tennis semis.

What happened a few minutes ago:-

4:03pm: The doubles are on. Singapore’s Li Jiawei and Wang Yuegu against South Korea’s Kim Kyung Ah and Park Mi Young.

4:07pm: Beating the Korea pair will not be an easy task. No Singapore duo so far has managed to do that. But Singapore lead by an early 6-4. Kim sends a return long and Singapore are now 7-4 up.

4:09pm: The action’s back-to-back and Singapore now leads 9-5.

4:12pm: 11-7, Singapore takes the first game!

In the mood for NDP 2008

August 6, 2008

(Photocredit: Channel News Asia)

Here’s some upcoming events at the Esplanade Waterfront beginning this Friday that perhaps will put you and your family in the mood for NDP 2008.

NDP fringe events at Esplanade Waterfront begin this Friday from Channel News Asia.

North Face 100 in Oct 2008

July 18, 2008

Gear up for those who are ultra-marathoners or marathoners aspiring to be in this endurance category. Not running on flat surface roads. Rather, the North Face 100 ultra-marathon will see participants trudging along off-road environments. Here’s the story from Channel News Asia titled Off road ultra-marathon to be held in Singapore in October. Prepare well.

Euro2008 Final – Germany vs Spain

June 27, 2008

With Spain knocking out Russia in the semi-finals with a 3-0 win, it is going to be a showdown between Germany and Spain on 29th June 2008 (GMT). Which team will emerge the winner?

Meanwhile, here’s how Spain destroyed Russia to reach the final.
Spain beat Russia to reach Euro2008 final.
Unstoppable Spain move into the final after destroying Russia.

Exercise to a healthy you…and your kids too

June 18, 2008

Due to the recent deaths of two military personnel during training, it caused an unprecendented three days stoppage in military training for a review of training safety procedures. Much has been commented if our young generation of today is less rugged than before. Perhaps a more sedentary lifestyle and all that fast-food we consume could be a cause for and unhealthy lifestyle. Outdoor adventure camping activities in schools may be frowned upon by students and even parents unless such activities help to gain CCA points. The paper chase is the order of the day for survivability in the commercial world. Here’s an article on FOCUS ON THE FAMILY which could be a meaningful read.

What should you do when you see your kids getting a little flabby around the middle? Nobody wants to put their kids on a diet. It is no fun for them and it is a bad idea to call attention to their weight, especially at an age when their self-image is so fragile. Maybe the answer is to make it a family affair!

Factors like the lack of exercise and watching too much television have been known to contribute to child obesity in children. But another reason why so many kids struggle with their weight is that meal portions have gotten too big! And kids tend to eat what we put in front of them. Most of us are have more calories a day than we need, so just cutting back the portions at meal times can make a big difference to their diet. Also, get the family on a regular exercise plan, whether it’s going to the gym, riding bikes or just taking walks through the neighbourhood
several times a week.

When it comes to dieting, the best plan is a family plan.

Perhaps, the coming Milk Run 2008 could be a time for the family to put on your running shoes…and for a good cause too.