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Adidas Sundown Marathon 2009

June 2, 2009

By now, you may have read in the papers of a recent race event that took place on the evening of last Saturday 30th May 2009. It was the Adidas Sundown Marathon 2009 which was into its second year, 2008 being its first. Besides the Team event, Womens 10K and the standard marathon distance of 42.195km, there was a group consisting of 602 runners that participated in the 84km Ultramarathon. The standard marathon distance already demands a lot from a runner. Imagine the distance that these runners had to cover, from Changi to Tuas and back…on foot. It was no easy feat to accomplish. But for these runners in every way ordinary folks like you and me, they possess an unbreakable spirit that led them to the finish line.

^ As I waited for the bus at 10.30pm on Sat 30th May 2009 to bring me to Changi, Ultramarathoners were seen passing the 36km mark on their first loop of the 84km journey after having been flagged-off earlier at 7pm . A lady with a placard waited anxiously at the bus-stop to cheer her husband in the race.

^ Bright lights and blaring music at the startpoint. Pretty deserted as runners in the Ultramarathon, Team Challenge and Women’s 10km has been flagged-off earlier in the evening and have completed their race segment. At 12’midnight, this place was filled with a hive of activity as the full marathon began.

^ After my race, it was time to spend a while near where I stayed to cheer on the Ultramarathoners. At 8am Sun 31st May 2009 when the following photos were taken, it was 13 hours since their flagged-off at 7pm the previous night. Ultramarathoners passing the 78km mark. A body in perpetual motion, their mood was all written on their faces.

^ Ultramarathoners wore blue number tags. A runner’s sense of elation with 6km more to go.

^ Taking a breather to stretch those tired limbs to get through the pain barrier. As the sun rises, another barrier appeared – heat.

^ Definitely a much easier mode of covering the long ardous distance.

^ Experiencing sweet victory that is about to come.

^ Still going on strong with every step.

^ Exhaustion, fatigue and the heat has sapped the runner to a walk. 6km more to go can easily be magnified to become an insurmountable task. Dehydration, heat, humidity, abrasions, blisters, pain…the list goes on.

^ Cool runner.

^ Managing a smile…that’s the spirit.

^ Ordinary people, Extraordinary feat.

^ An encouragement by just saying “You can do it! Keep it up!” will surely light up the faces of runners who otherwise will be trudging on a long and lonely path.

^ Keeping the pace.

^ Running buddies.

^ When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.

^ One of women Ultramarathoners.

^ We do everything together…well almost. Supporting her beau in the Ultramarathon.

^ Many hours spent on a long and lonely road during training days just for this day. Pounding the pavement quietly to accomplish one objective – to complete the gruelling distance.

It will almost be close to 10am on Sunday morning nearing the cut-off time. Runners in the Team and Womens 10K would have got a restful sleep after having completed their race the night before. For most 42.195km marathoners, the majority are making their way home after having completed their race in the early hours of Sunday morning.

For these Ultramarathoners, there won’t be much cheers nor fanfare at the finish line except to be given a finisher’s t-shirt and a medal to remember the ardous journey they have completed. Theirs is the unbreakable spirit that puts them in the ranks of the Ultramarathoners. To them, Nothing Is Impossible.


Luke Kibet powered to 1st place in the Standard Chartered Marathon 2008

December 8, 2008

Luke Kibet, the world champion, put 12 months of trauma and frustration behind him yesterday as he romped to victory in the men’s event at the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon in record time. Read more…

Sg Runners

October 23, 2008

There are numerous running clubs that have sprouted over time in Singapore. All for the simple purpose of gathering like-minded people who share an interest of simply putting one foot forward followed by the other and the other…running.

In the recent North Face 100 race and the New Balance Real Run, some runners have uploaded some photos of these events to share with the running community and the public.

SGRunners.COM is an online running portal which aims to bring together runners based in Singapore. Its objective is to link all Singapore running enthusiasts in one website and provide them with information as well as a platform to exchange tips and pointers on running, give updates on forthcoming local and overseas running events, motivate one another to attain their running goals, as well as build up friendships among those who enjoy the simple pleasures and healthy rewards of running.

You may browse the photos that were taken in some recent runnig events or perhaps join their forum for some running tips which you have been searching for an answer

Here’s the site of the photo gallery of SgRunners. Are you prepared for the coming Standard Chartered Marathon which will be held on Sunday 7th Dec 2008? Slightly more than a month before race day. It is expected to draw an even larger pool of foreign marathoners to this annual event. Read the article from The Straits Times Interactive on “Marathon draw foreigners”. Hydrate well and have a good rest for that eventful day. See you at the start line.

North Face 100 in Oct 2008

July 18, 2008

Gear up for those who are ultra-marathoners or marathoners aspiring to be in this endurance category. Not running on flat surface roads. Rather, the North Face 100 ultra-marathon will see participants trudging along off-road environments. Here’s the story from Channel News Asia titled Off road ultra-marathon to be held in Singapore in October. Prepare well.

World’s first night triathlon in Singapore

June 21, 2008

Singapore hosted her first night marathon in the recent Sundown Marathon a few weeks back. Very soon, F1 formula race will see those sleek machines roaring down the city streets. And before you can think what’s going to be up…a night triathlon is next in line.

On Oct 18, 11global Singapore, the world’s first Olympic-distance night triathlon, will see athletes tackle a 1.5km swim, 40km of cycling and a 10km run from 6pm.

Read the full story

Impossible Is Nothing

June 3, 2008

Congratulations to those who have completed the challenging 42km Adidas Sundown Marathon and even more so for the 84km Ultra Marathon category held last Saturday. The cool weather of the night was something most runners welcomed compared to running in the daytime where the heat is something to contend with. For some runners, adjusting the body clock to counter the `zzzzzzz’ effect during the race was something new. The race route was well planned and gives a whole new experience of running past some housing estates in Siglap, Bedok, Tampines and Pasir Ris during the wee hours of the morning when most of Singapore was still asleep.

10.35pm: Race participant on 4 wheels.

Approach the race staff with all your questions.

10.45pm: Prize giving for the team category.

A section of the race route at Changi Point.

Timer clock for the ultra marathoners when they pass through this gate a second time during their 84km journey. Running from sun down…..

….. till sun up with the morning calm of dawn rising over Changi.

Changi Point was a nice location where the race start/end point was held. After the race, the early morning sun peeping over sleepy Changi Village provides a scenic calm to warm down one’s sore muscles while taking in the sights of Changi Beach. Then, it was a short walk to Changi Village food centre enjoying a hearty breakfast of nasi lemak and teh tarik before heading home.

Full story from the Straits Times interactive on Runners enjoy night marathon.

Here’s the link to the photo gallery of pictures taken during the event: Sundown Marathon Photo Gallery.
Click on either the “Marathon 42km” or the “Ultra-Marathon & Corporate Challenge Relay” category located on the left panel. Click on the photo and scroll up (given the screen size may not be able to fit the entire template). Use the left/right arrows to navigate through the gallery.

84km Ultra Marathon for next year? It’s going to be tough but as the marathon slogan says, “Impossible Is Nothing”.

Sundown on 31st May 2008

May 29, 2008

When the sun sets this Sat 31st May 2008, Changi Point will be a hive of activity. It is the inaugural Adidas Sundowm Marathon where both the standard marathon distance (42km) as well as the ultra marathon distance (84km) will see the race taking place at night..literally at night when it’s sundown.

Collection of race entry pack and number tag last weekend at Millenia Walk.

The race event comprises of both individual and team categories.

A first time in Singapore where a marathon is held at night. The carnival begins at 6.30pm with activities planned by the organisers. The main highlights will be the flag-off of the ultra marathon at 8.30pm covering twice the standard marathon distance. How far is 84km? It’s like running the distance from Changi to Tuas and back. Not for the faint-hearted nor the weekend-warrior runners. Runners participating in the standard marathon distance (42km) will be flagged off at 12 midnight. The race route covers the entire PCN (Park Connectors Network). Under a starry starry night (hopefully it will not rain), you may catch a glimpse of the race as certain sections of the route passes through some HDB neighbourhoods.

An email notification which I received for all participating runners:

Dear Athletes,

The highly anticipated adidas Sundown Marathon is finally here this weekend. Competitors who have yet to download the Athlete’s Guide are strongly encouraged to read through the comprehensive guide to prepare for the inaugural night race in Singapore. Featured in Sundown Talk is the adidas Sundown Marathon Start & Finish Point / Carnival, which will be located at Changi Point. With a variety of programs lined up throughout the night, the first night race is definitely one to remember. Before you embark onto the starting point, do take one last look at the Sundown race route to familiarize yourself with the four sections and aid stations, such as the PowerBar Zones.

Team HiVelocity wishes you the very best for the first night race in Singapore. See you on race day!

Wishing all runners a memorable night race.

Attention all ladies!

April 25, 2008

To all ladies…you may like to take this opportunity for a great workout.

7 Marathons across 7 Continents

January 15, 2008

drwilliamtan You must be crazy to run 7 marathons across 7 continents. To most people, running a full marathon distance of 42.195km already sounds crazy. Running 7 marathons across 7 continents is pure madness. More so in the case of Dr Willam Tan who completed the feat in his wheelchair battling the harsh weather, temperature and terrain conditions. For honour and glory? Deep inside, it was the purpose of raising funds for cancer research for cancer-stricken children. Read the story of Dr William Tan in Channel News Asia

Race Events in Singapore 2008

January 8, 2008

Sundown Marathon (Full & Ultra) 31st May 2008

Lion City Marathon 29th June 2008

Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 7th Dec 2008

Singapore Bay Run (Sheares Bridge Run & Army Half Marathon) – date to be advised by race organisers