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National Theatre of Singapore

December 18, 2007

national theatre of singapore 

As a young kid in the 70s, a weekend family outing would be visiting the National Theatre of Singapore situated at River Valley Road. Dad would drive all of us in his old chuggy Renault box-car. The theatre was host to many cultural performances, convocations, ministerial speeches etc. However, the most memorable part of the visit was to watch the `egg fountain’ situated on the grounds in front of the National Theatre. In the evening, a myraid of coloured lights would be shone onto the rising spurts of the water-fountain as we were wowed by the spectacle. Located next to the National Theatre was the Van Kleef Aquarium. It was the only large scale aquarium then that displays a variety of marine creatures which thrilled every child’s heart.

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What were your experiences of the National Theatre or the Van Kleef Aquarium? Feel free to share your thoughts of a bygone era.