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Lose Fin or Lose Face?

May 10, 2008


In any typical chinese wedding, having shark’s fin soup as one of the dishes served to wedding guests, is considered a status symbol.

‘Most of the couples’ parents consider this dish a premium and without it, they would lose face,’ said Mandarin Oriental’s communications director Ruth Soh.

Read the full text on Shark’s fin: S’pore takes a much bigger bite from today’s Straits Times Interactive.

Do you consider if serving other dishes as a replacement of shark’s fin considered losing face?


Legal eagles website

January 10, 2008

Article in Channel News Asia about the Singapore Law Academy who has created a new website to provide up-to-date information on legal matters residing at Singapore Law Watch.

24/7 taxi stand

December 27, 2007

24/7 taxi stand
Originally uploaded by gerard goh

A taxi stand that is operationally ready 24/7.

Open Mobilisation.
This is an open mobilisation. Due to the overwhelming number of passengers in the queue waiting for taxis, will all taxi drivers of the following codewords, please immediately report to this taxi stand:-
Blue Comfort.
Yellow Top
Smart Cab
Prestige Mercz

* Using my image uploaded at Flickr to post to my blog.